A horror. Love. And maybe a miracle thrown in. That looks like what happened in Minneapolis when a mother threw a newborn baby into a snow bank leaving her to die until a stranger stepped in.

This kind of action by the mother horrifies us all. Maybe love was always in short supply in this world but this action by the mother just seems too common of late and the love from a stranger who saved the newborn’s life is the aberration.

KSTP reports:

Keith St. Pierre says he saw a woman throw her newborn baby in a snow bank and take off, leaving it there in a diaper, just two feet away from a busy Minneapolis road.

The temperature Saturday morning was just 12 degrees.

St. Pierre had just gotten off the bus when he heard a young couple fighting and saw what the woman did.

That’s when he ran across the street, grabbed that baby and called 911.

“She was lifeless, I picked her up, held her in my arms, started rubbing her chest cavity, she was cold, she was red, and she had a newborn tag on her foot still.”

St. Pierre says it took two calls to Minneapolis police for officers to respond.

The mother of the baby, 21-year-old Ashley Couch is in jail being held on neglect and child endangerment charges.

She’ll likely be in court Tuesday morning.

Reportedly, the baby is recovering.

St. Pierre said that just being there to see the baby thrown was “divine intervention” because he’s rarely there at that time of the day.

Whenever I hear something like this I just want to say to the mother that help is out there for the asking. It’s being offered. So many people want to help. If you want someone else to take the baby, how many of us would take the baby? I know I would and I’m sure many of our readers would do the same. Heck, we’d be thrilled.

If she needed help in dealing with the baby so many of us would help. Maybe we don’t do a good enough job letting them know that we’re here, that we want to help. Maybe we could do more. I’m sure I could. But today I’ll thank God that a man saved a baby. I’ll pray to God that we all help build a world where love and heroism don’t seem like such a rare exception.