Last month there were stories that standardized test scores in elementary schools in Washington D.C. skyrocketed.

Now, normally you’d say Hooray but it turns out that at least three teachers have cheated.

This is bad news for the children in that they’re being taught by teachers who can’t even get away with cheating. How do we expect these kids to be able to cheat at their jobs or in college if their teachers keep getting caught cheating.

FoxDC reports:

Three elementary school teachers are now accused or suspected of cheating.

At issue is the 2010 DC Comprehensive Assessment System or CAS Test.

Three classrooms (out of 3,800 across the city) just had test results thrown out because of alleged cheating.

“At one [classroom], there was clear evidence of cheating and the teacher admitted it,” says D.C. State Superintendent of Education Hosanna Mahaley. “In the other two, there was a suspicion of cheating. But because we take test security so seriously, we decided to invalidate those test scores as well.”

She would not name the three schools involved, but sources tell FOX 5 they are C.W. Harris, Leckie and Noyes Elementary Schools.

One teacher has been dismissed. The other two are being disciplined.

“There’s a lot of pressure,” Mahaley says. “And I believe that most teachers want to do the right thing and sometimes just in the interest of trying to be helpful to children, a teacher may do something that may not be appropriate.”

Their union president says teachers are under a great deal of pressure when it comes to testing.

“Unfortunately, some individuals will consider an option of cheating,” says Washington Teachers Union President Nathan Saunders. “Not only is the teacher evaluation based on it to a large degree, but there’s also compensation. If the grades go up, then you’ll get an additional compensation.”

But Saunders says he does not condone cheating by teachers for any reason, let alone hefty bonuses that were being offered to teachers bringing up their classroom test scores.

In March, FOX 5 told you about reports of abnormally high numbers of erasure marks on standardized tests in the city. Wrong answers changed to correct ones, resulting in test score improvements much greater than what would be expected.

I love how they say that the teachers are doing it for the children. Ha. If it were for the children they actually would’ve taught them how to get good grades. But that’s a lot easier* than actually teaching them.

And why is one fired and the other two are “disclipined?” This is a disgrace and there’s no way I believe that only three teachers cheated. Let’s face it, three teachers were so bad at it that they got caught. Disgusting.