As a Catholic blogger, I know just how hard it is to be a good Catholic blogger. I admire so many bloggers that bring fidelity, insight, and yuks to the Catholic Interwebs every day. It is one thing to bring it for an occasional post, it is quite another to bring it every day.

Of course, I admire all of the great bloggers here at the Register. Jen Fulwiler is a great writer, period. Mark Shea is a founder of Catholic blogging and still one of its best bloggers. That Mark has been able to do it for this long and at the quality level he maintains is truly remarkable. Matthew and I owe a special debt of gratitude to Mark for all the help he gave us when we were first getting started years ago. We probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Mark, something I am sure Mark regrets every day!

I have done so many spit takes reading Simcha’s posts that I had to get a new laptop. Never drink milk while reading Simcha, never. And all the other bloggers here at the Register are top notch.

But there are so many other great Catholic blogs and bloggers out there, I thought I might write a few posts telling you which ones I like and why. This is the first. So here goes…

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