They fear God, they fear Christianity, they fear Christians because they know the only thing that can derail their freedom sucking, pro-death, collectivist schemes is Christianity. Therefore, secularist liberals will do whatever it takes to remove God, Christianity, and Christians from the public.

Weasel Zippers reports:

The Salisbury Maryland City council, in an unprecedented move, voted to remove both the Lord’s prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, Monday night. They used the city charter to revamp the Rules of Order and the council effectively took the time honored traditions off the agenda. If anyone is to pledge allegiance to our country and our flag at a public meeting in Salisbury, they must do so before the meeting becomes official.

The Pledge and the Lord’s Prayer, both gone because a town voted in a majority of Democrats. But that’s what the Democrat party is nowadays. It’s a collection of pro-death, anti-God collectivists.

Now for the funny part. There was a prayer that took place right outside city building that night.

Prior to the vote, Salisbury city mayor, Jim Ireton, held a prayer vigil outside the cities’ government office building. The vigil was held, according to the mayor, because of disproportionate government spending on affluent areas of the city and lack of spending in poorer more minority populated sections, and had nothing to do with the pledge or prayer removal.

Soooo…praying for “social justice” is awesome but all other prayers must be removed?

Here’s the thing. I truly believe the only thing that can save America from totally destroying itself is the Catholic Church. And that’s why the Church is target number one of Big Government.

It is the Church’s radical fidelity to the sacredness of each individual life that is the cornerstone of America’s freedom. Without the Church we get abortion, euthanasia, forced collectivism, and stripped freedoms. And that’s where we’re heading. Oh wait, we’re there already, aren’t we?