One thing is clear. No organization, not even one holy, Catholic, and Apostolic, is immune from the whims of the arrogant bureaucrat.

For reasons it shouldn’t be hard to fathom, some bureaucrat at the under-secretariat of stupidity at the USCCB released a statement pointing out that one group out of likely hundreds of groups that will be opportunistically present during World Youth Day in Madrid is not “official” and not “accredited.” RealCatholicTV and Michael Voris.

Patrick Madrid remarks

This is quite unusual, perhaps even unprecedented, in the 27-year history of the Vatican-sponsored World Youth Day (WYD) events held every three years in a major city around the world. The official WYD website contains the following announcement in which it takes the remarkable step of publicly spurning American Catholic Internet commentator Michael Voris

Quite unusual indeed and also quite unnecessary. Voris remarks that this same bureaucracy did not and does not feel compelled to issue written statements about the dozens of “Catholic” groups who attend these things and openly defy Church teaching and give out condoms and such things. No warnings about them. But Voris gets a written denunciation of his unofficiality. How silly.

Whomever issued this statement should be fired so that they can take up their rightful position on some Obamacare death panel.

You can see Voris’ response to this silliness here.