If I were hit by a bus today and killed, my wife would eventually worry about the children not having a male role model in our children’s lives. She would see that my son needed a man to emulate, someone to share with in the physical way that men have. She would come to understand that my girls would surely lack a steadying male presence in their lives.

Forget all the talking heads about gay marriage. Forget all the talk about rights for a second. Forget all the studies which attempt to show that children raised by homosexuals are doing as well or better than children raised by a mother and a father. Here’s the thing — we know in our hearts that children do best when raised by a mother and a father. Men and women are complimentary. We are not the same. Gay marriage, is not so much about sexuality, as it is about gender.

Codifying and promoting gay marriage as equal to the marriage of a man and a woman says there is no gender difference. Of course there is and we all know that there is. But having the government not only codifying gay marriage but promoting it (which legalization does) goes against what we know is best for children. Children need a mother and a father.

That’s the thing. Maybe we’ve forgotten that marriage isn’t just about us. It’s about us but not just about us. Family is the building block of our society. To have a child, nature says you need a man and a woman. But now, we seem to be saying that we know better than nature. Sure, you need a man and a woman to have a child but not to raise a child?

It’s obvious that a man and a man CAN raise a child. But is it healthy for society to promote that as equal when we know that it’s not? That’s what it comes down to. By legalizing gay marriage we’re essentially saying, once again, that our rights trump our children’s rights.

We have made everything about US. Marriage is about ME. It’s about my right to marry whomever I choose but it completely ignores if it’s good for society. When considering gay marriage, ask yourself if it’s good for children. Ask yourself if you believe that it’s an equal good for a child to be raised by a man and a woman or two women or two men. Ask yourself if you believe gender is irrelevant and interchangeable. When you ask yourself if you’re for gay marriage, ask yourself if it’s good for the children.