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Month May 2013

Delaware Medical Board Finds Planned Parenthood Abortionist an “Immediate Danger to Public”

Wait. Wait. I thought Kermit Gosnell was an outlier. An anomaly, right? I guess not. The SBA-List just sent this breaking news over: Washington, D.C. – New accounts of severe negligence and abuse in the U.S. abortion industry came to… Continue Reading →

Mine Of Steel

Some people have way too much time on their hands. Behold! A shot for shot re-creation of the Man of Steel trailer in the world of Minecraft. (Which my kids are obsessed with.) *subhead*Awesomely stupid!*subhead*

8 Most Hilarious and Unsettling Obama-as-Deity Metaphors

Just yesterday we had a Georgetown professor comparing Eric Holder to Moses, which is sadly some of the most scripturally sound analysis coming out of Georgetown in years. So it seemed like a good idea to recall (and by recall… Continue Reading →

Curiouser and Curiouser

Ten days after the fact, the answers about how and why Ibragim Todashev was shot and killed by the FBI have only resulted in a lot more questions. The original story has fallen apart. And then all reports out of… Continue Reading →

Ohio State U Prez of Notre Dame: “Those Damn Catholics” Can’t be Trusted

The president of Ohio State University, Gordon Gee, reportedly said Notre Dame was never invited to join the Big Ten conference because the university’s priests are not good partners, joking that “those damn Catholics” can’t be trusted. “The fathers are… Continue Reading →

Pope May be Planning Peace Meeting Between Abrahamic Religions

So it seems the Pope may be considering pulling together representatives of the three major Abrahamic religions to discuss why it’s not appropriate to kill others in the name of God. There’s a few problems I see right off and… Continue Reading →

Where Is My Awareness Concert?

The celebrities gathered backstage, musicians and actors and the like, preparing for this important event. The big event has one purpose, to raise awareness about an unthinkable tragedy and travesty. The U.N. report has the grisly details. Each year, over… Continue Reading →

Greatest Wedding Photo Ever!

Yeah sure it’s photoshopped but it’s still pretty awesome that they all did it. There’s something about the image of a dinosaur, a T-rex crashing a wedding celebration that just makes me laugh. And it’s just nice to see people… Continue Reading →

Fr. Andrew Greeley RIP

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Fr. Andrew Greeley has passed away. Fr. Greeley, an often bombastic Obama-supporting liberal, was a world famous author, a columnist, and most importantly a priest for 59 years. Say a prayer or two please…. Continue Reading →

Your News Story Just Walked By

I like this. A news reporter is preparing to do an on scene report about a missing man with dementia when said missing man strolls on by. I particularly liked the slow dawning realization on the reporter’s face. Priceless. ht… Continue Reading →

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