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Month July 2015

The CMP Masterstroke?

So we have the temporary restraining order on CMP for the Stem Express videos that Matthew references below. If what is hinted at is true about that video, CMPs devastating strategy becomes clear. Have all these other videos out there,… Continue Reading →

Judge Orders Center for Medical Progress to Cease Releasing Videos Involving Stem Express

It was a pretty limited ruling but this is the game plan to go after the Center for Medical Progress. Silence them. The Washington Times reports: The pro-life group behind a series of undercover Planned Parenthood videos accused the bioservice… Continue Reading →

Clinton Calls Planned Parenthood Videos “Disturbing”

Hillary Clinton called the Planned Parenthood videos “disturbing.” But somehow this doesn’t change her talking points. She even trots out the whole “safe, legal, and rare” lie. Now, my favorite part is that her allegiance to PP is so strong… Continue Reading →

“Celebrities” Explain Foreign Policy in Possibly the Stupidest Video Ever

This video with celebrities attempting to convince us that the Iran deal is awesome is just so stupid, it’s kinda’ awesome. Who do they think this is convincing? I know this is sorta’ like tasting something, cringing, and announcing that… Continue Reading →

An Ancient Catholic Relic Found with a Skeleton Raises Questions About American Origins

The Atlantic reports on this mystery. It’s definitely worth a read: After 400 years in the Virginia dirt, the box came out of the ground looking like it had been plucked from the ocean. A tiny silver brick, now encrusted… Continue Reading →

Bishop Robert Vasa: Congress Must Investigate “Evil” Planned Parenthood

This is great to see. A strong statement from Bishop Vasa of the Diocese of Santa Rosa in California concerning the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress about Planned Parenthood. In the footage recorded by the Center for… Continue Reading →

Video: How Planned Parenthood Gets Its Money, Explained in 90 Seconds

So how much does Planned Parenthood receive from the government. How much of their budget comes from taxpayers? Find out in under 90 seconds. Take it all away. NOW!!! *subhead*Clear.*subhead*

Teen Use of Morning After Pill Increases While # of Sexually Active Teens Decreases

Teen girls are not having sex in greater numbers but when they do, more are using the morning after pill. You’ve got to admit it kinda’ makes sense. Those that want to live like sex has no consequences will do… Continue Reading →

The Truth About This Crisis

I think it is high time that we talk frankly about what is truly happening in the Church. It is quite probable that we are approaching the denouement of this horrible play, a century in the telling, in which the… Continue Reading →

Finally, a Hack that Outrages Liberals

Remember when China hacked federal government databases and stole personal information of millions of Americans earlier this month. That elicited a big fat yawn from the media and the Obama administration. Well, believe me we now have a hack that… Continue Reading →

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