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Month July 2018

Amy Coney Barrett and Evander’s Holyfield’s Ear

It’s possible in the end, this pick will be looked upon as brilliantly strategic because let’s be honest, just about ALL the gains liberals have won occurred not through a national conversation but through judicial fiat. So shouldn’t conservatives do… Continue Reading →

So Who’s out of touch on Abortion?

I keep hearing that President Trump’s possible nominees are out of touch or something on abortion and just so radical that they couldn’t possibly even be considered for a seat on the high court. But… CNS News: In 40 straight… Continue Reading →

Liberal Racism at its Most Hilarious and Blatant

Why is Hollywood so racist? This is so hilariously elitist and blatantly racist. Reminds me of this: *subhead*Cleaning toilets.*subhead*

This is how your pro-choice explanations sound to us

“I voted for the Nazis but I don’t support everything they’re for.” “Yeah, I thought slavery should be legal but that doesn’t mean I was pro-slavery.” You see, voting for pro-abortion candidates and considering yourself pro-choice but not pro-abortion sounds… Continue Reading →

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