The goal is to make you think you’re the outlier, the problem. That’s what the media tells you, that’s what they’re teaching our children, and that’s what many in the government want you to think.

But when I go out and speak to my neighbors, almost all of them nod and wink at this rising tide of lunacy. They all make fun of Dr. Suess’ cancellation. Most people say that actress Gina Carano was normal and Disney is crazy. But they look around before they say it. They don’t say it loudly.

Everyone knows it’s crazy but they also know that crazy is in charge.

My daughter’s basketball team played another team that had a boy on the girl’s team. One of our girls asked the coach why he didn’t object and he smiled, looked around, and said he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to be on the 11 o’clock news.

Everyone knew it was nuts but nobody said anything.

Glenn Reynolds writes:

Woke tyrants ride high, even so; according to a Cato/YouGov poll, 62 percent of Americans self-censor their political expression. Only a tiny minority of consumers care about Mr. Potato Head’s toxic masculinity, about “Aunt Jemima” as a brand or about the #MeToo aggressions of Pepé Le Pew. Yet corporations, universities and governments rush to placate that minuscule slice of the population, trashing large chunks of our culture in the process. 

It’s happening not because anybody voted for it, but because a small but determined and vicious minority is bullying people to go along, relying on cowardice and groupthink to achieve ends that could never happen via majority vote: How do you think Dr. Seuss would have done in a referendum?

Christians need to have gathering places. We need to affirm one another more in our thinking. We have to stop thinking twice before saying what everyone’s thinking. Courage is called for right now.

The elites want you to think you’re alone. You’re not. God is with you in this. He wants you to speak truth, even in the face of rejection and persecution. I live for an audience of one. The One. The more of us that stand up and speak out the more others will be affirmed and speak out as well.

Have faith. Speak out.