So, we spent billions of dollars and lost thousands of lives throughout two decades in an effort to prop up a western civilization type democracy in Afghanistan. Spoiler alert. It didn’t work.

It should make all of us consider that perhaps there is something at the heart of Western civilization that makes it conducive to the idea that people are free and that human rights are gifts from God. That heart of Western civilization is Christianity. It is the base upon which it is all built.

Perhaps planting those ideas without the base of Christianity doesn’t really work. And it fell.

We should consider this because we are currently doing the same thing. We are playing the nationwide game of Jenga, removing blocks of Christian ideas from the base while expecting the entire structure not to eventually wobble and fall. The West can not thrive or even survive without the transcendent qualities derived from the Christian faith.

Without Christianity, Western civilization will cease to be civilization at all. Without Christ as our heart, we will raise a blanket of darkness right over our eyes and over the entire country.