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Month April 2022

An Absolute Classic! Smarmy Dem Gets Dunked on over Dem Hatred of Clarence Thomas

This could not be more perfect. This guy was ready with his answer. And then the way the Dem runs and hides. Ooh. Chef’s kiss. Perfect! Rep. Jeffries: "What evidence do you have to support" that Dems hate Clarence Thomas… Continue Reading →

They’re Nazis with Pink Hair.

That’s the best way I can describe them. Nazis with pastel colored hair. The worth of human life can be measured by cold cost/benefit analysis. The worth of a human life is in the use others can procure from that… Continue Reading →

Senate Candidate Calls Planned Parenthood “The True Face of White Supremacy in America.”

Bam! Oof!! Pow!!! More of this please. Dayum https://t.co/uWJ9ZJlB5U — Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) April 29, 2022

Tucker: A Ministry of Truth? This is the Point Where We Have to Draw the Line.

What? You don’t want deep state bureaucrats deciding what can and can not be said. You see the game they play. They say they support free speech but they say that Disinformation harms free speech because it could lead to… Continue Reading →

What to do with “Useless People,” according to World Economic Forum Speaker

Technology is making like us as powerful as mythical gods but we reject the wisdom of the one true God. I’m pretty sure this guy is talking about creating human beings as some kind of permanent serf class who will… Continue Reading →

President of Catholic College Speaks Out for Female Athletes

Wait a second. I was told that the Catholic Church was anti-woman? So why is that the secular colleges are attacking women’s sports and Fr. Dave Pivonka, president of Franciscan University of Steubenville, is standing up for his female athletes… Continue Reading →

Biden: All Your Children Are Belong To Us

President Biden is not saying that teachers should treat children AS IF they were their own. He’s saying “They’re yours when you’re in the classroom.” Biden to teachers: “They're not somebody else's children. They're yours when you're in the classroom."… Continue Reading →

Wait. Are We Winning?

Are we winning? No. But are there signs that we might be…I don’t know…winning? Here’s the latest example. The BBC ran a correction for a story about endometriosis. I think this is kind of a big deal: “We have amended… Continue Reading →

NJ Priest Comes Out Forcefully Against “Radical Anti-Christian” Gender Curriculum.

This is wonderful to see. A priest actually publicly confronting the issues of the day head on. Imagine that. This is from Fr. Joseph Byerley of Holy Angels Parish in New Jersey. Kudos to him and keep him in your… Continue Reading →

Jesuit College Bails Out Secular College, Students Angry They Can’t Get Birth Control

USciences in Philadelphia was closing. They had great real estate in an urban center but only two thousand students -not enough to continue. The University of Saint Joseph’s, whose campus is on the outskirts of the city, merged with USciences… Continue Reading →

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