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Month December 2022

Pope Benedict XVI RIP

Pope Benedict XVI passed away today in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery in the Vatican. He received Last Rites and his funeral will be held in St Peter’s on January 5. Requiescat in Pace. So many conflicted feelings about this man… Continue Reading →

Take Them To Church!

So many parents today don’t take their children to any religious services. These children are growing up without any meaningful connection to God, to purpose, to eternal Love. I’ve heard many parents say “you don’t need God to be a… Continue Reading →

City Demands Police Officers Remove Michael the Archangel Insignia. Or Else.

Something tells me if they had a rainbow flag on their shoulder, they wouldn’t be in trouble. You can speak your truth and your identity as long as that it isn’t the truth found in the Church or the identity… Continue Reading →

Grandma Arrested for Feeding People in Need.

The world just gets crazier and crazier, doesn’t it? “I will not stop,” says Norma Thornton. “I’m never going to stop feeding them.” She said she always left the park as clean or cleaner than it was when she arrived…. Continue Reading →

Abortion Activist Yells “There Are Too Many Children” and Attacks Peaceful Pro-Lifers.

She was arrested. Can you believe it? Wait. You mean it’s still illegal to harm pro-lifers? According to the Rockford Family Initiative: A pro-choice woman pulled over and assaulted pro-lifers who were praying outside the new 611 Auburn St abortion… Continue Reading →

The Wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI

God is not distant: he is ‘Emmanuel,’ God-with-us. He is no stranger: he has a face, the face of Jesus. Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia. There may be legitimate diversity of opinion… Continue Reading →

Rep. Ilhan Omar Celebrates Gay Marriage Vote. Hilariously Shut Down.

This is just too funny not to share. Since Ilhan Omar is trending again. 😂 pic.twitter.com/xYSXhtp7qa — Steve Inman (@SteveInmanUIC) December 27, 2022

I’d Like to See More of This Please.

NSFW. Weird guy pulling his pants down at a burger joint. Sane man walks in. Puts an end to the insanity. Absolute legend. I could watch this all day. Knockout Pimp Strut pic.twitter.com/0hlndLnPny — Steve Inman (@SteveInmanUIC) December 28, 2022

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is ‘very sick’, Pope Francis says

Prayers for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Many people have many conflicted feelings about Pope Emeritus Benedict but we can all pray for him. I can tell you that I’ve read many of his books and they’re brilliant and wonderful. His… Continue Reading →

Pope Francis Targets Trads For Christmas

Hey, it wouldn’t be Christmas if the pope weren’t dogging trads, would it? According to the AP: Francis appeared to also want to take broader aim at arch-conservatives and traditionalists who have become the pope’s biggest critics. Francis blasted their… Continue Reading →

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