We got rid of Christianity so that we could usher in an epoch of logic and rational, scientific thought? How’s that working out for ya’?

Men can now be women and nobody knows what a woman even is? We don’t know what a human being even is. We have people legally committing suicide for mild depression which used to be called boredom. Millions of Americans are on psychotropic drugs, millions more at escaping into the haze of illegal drugs. Murder rates are skyrocketing in major cities. Violence is on the rise.

We are facing a social collapse. Loneliness is an epidemic. Civil war is being considered as a real possibility. Communities are a thing of the past.

Science has been hijacked by political power brokers more intent on controlling people rather than chasing truth or treating the sick.

So I’ll ask, how’s that post-Christian paradise working out for ya’?

People like Richard Dawkins are even publicly wondering if Christianity might be better than the dire straits we currently find ourselves in.

Hmmm…you think?

We have been pulling cards out of this House of Cards for too long. We are on the brink of collapse. The firmament quakes beneath us.

Yet God is merciful. There’s a reason that Christianity is conducive to establishing the greatest culture the world has ever seen as far as producing freedom and wealth. But all of this only works with God. The sooner we remember that the better off we’ll be.