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Author Rebecca Taylor

Immoral Uses of Biotechnology — Even With Good Intentions — Are Nevertheless Evil

I admit it. I have been MIA in the blogging world for the past six months. Mea culpa. *subhead*Always dare to hope.*subhead* There is a good reason. I am working in a neurobiology lab at the local university. We are… Continue Reading →

Official USF Apparel Featuring Rainbow Flag CA

I am a University of San Francisco Don. This popped up in my Facebook feed this morning. The product description is “University Of San Francisco – Logo With Gay Pride Flag.” It seems the apparel is “officially licensed.” There are… Continue Reading →

Genetic Engineering and Building a Better Soldier: Captain America vs. Ironman

*subhead*Use things, not people.*subhead* COMMENTARY: Volunteering our bodies for non-therapeutic enhancement and experimentation isn’t patriotic. I will admit the question was loaded. I asked various Catholics, through my blog and social media, who was a better role model: Captain America… Continue Reading →

Uterus Transplants are “Supremely Risky”

*subhead*Try it first. See how the kids turn out later.*subhead* It was a first in the United States. A woman, only identified as Lindsey, received a uterus from a deceased woman. Lindsey was born without a uterus, and she was… Continue Reading →

Genetically Engineered Language: Propaganda Colors Public Perception

*subhead*Remove head from sand.*subhead* A recent headline in the United Kingdom’s Independent shouts that the first genetically modified human embryos could be created in Britain in just a few weeks. The article by Steve Connor reported that scientists have submitted… Continue Reading →

The Biological Arms Race No One Can Win

*subhead*It is up to you.*subhead* I have been going to physical therapy a lot this past year. One kid has had two knee surgeries, another a shoulder injury, and my back has finally decided that having four kids wasn’t so… Continue Reading →

Olympics Changes Rules on Transgender Athletes – Women Lose

*subhead*The end of women’s sports?*subhead* All of my daughters are athletes. It isn’t always easy when my daughter’s varsity basketball team plays after the boys, and the once full gym empties as the girls start their game. It is heart… Continue Reading →

My Speech at Walk for Life Northwest 2016

*subhead*Surprise!*subhead* It was very cold and very wet, but it was worth it. This weekend I spoke alongside Walter Hoye at the Walk for Life Northwest. He and his wife are amazing witnesses for life. I am so privileged that… Continue Reading →

Discuss: Iron Man or Captain America

*subhead*Talk amongst yourselves.*subhead* Last week I asked CMR readers which was the better role model Iron Man or Captain America. Thank-you to all who responded. Not surprisingly, Cap won the day by an overwhelming margin. One person asked if it… Continue Reading →

Poll: Iron Man or Captain America

*subhead*Put Your Blurb Here.*subhead* I am collecting data for my next commentary by taking an informal poll of Catholics. I would be very much obliged if you would comment with your opinion on this question: Who is a better role… Continue Reading →

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