We Laugh Because We Believe

Author Matthew Archbold

Planned Parenthood Says Virginity is Made Up. Of Course It Is.

Lila Rose of Live Action reported on this and I had a few things to say. Planned Parenthood just came out with a new video that calls virginity “made up” and a “social construct.” The “educator” in the video tells… Continue Reading →

The NY Times Is a Cult. Staff Gets Triggered by Chick-Fil-A Sandwich.

You have to read this. I picked it up from Todd Starnes. It’s the reaction the New York Times staff has to the revelation that one of their own enjoys eating Chick-Fil-A. It’s almost a parody but it’s real. In… Continue Reading →

Jordan Peterson Says Many in the Church are Choosing Relevance over the Cross.

I detect no lies. Is it a fair criticism? I think so. Is he the right messenger for it? Probably not, considering the guy’s been publicly waffling on the issue of faith for years now. I don’t mean he’s waffling… Continue Reading →

The Ghoulish Gavin Newsom Defends Abortion Up Until the Moment of Birth

C’mon Matt, why should I care what the governor of the most wacky state in the union says? It’s because this is Democrat mainstream. They do not allow exceptions to their death fetish. They can’t. The stranglehold that Emily’s List… Continue Reading →

There’s Hope for the GOP After All!!!

My brother actually made me laugh at this one. Don’t tell him. Dear GOP https://t.co/Ac1QzOxxGl — Patrick @ Creative Minority (@CMReport) February 22, 2024 Justice Roberts might be interested as well. Just sayin’.

You’re What’s for Dinner. Cannibalism Endorsed by Science Mag.

I guess this was only a matter of time. When you seek to strip Christianity from Western civilization things get worse. If you accept that we are not made in the image of God then maybe you’ll have no objection… Continue Reading →

The New Normal. Parents Lose Custody of Child Because They Refuse to Acknowledge Gender Change.

This is happening. Soon, normal thinking sane Americans, especially Christians, will be forced to remove themselves from the culture or restore it. The choice is ours. NEW: Catholic Indiana couple appeals to Supreme Court after their child was taken from… Continue Reading →

Illinois Seeks to Change Definition of “Abused Child” to One that Includes Parents Who Don’t Believe in Gender Swapping or Abortion.

Tolerance. This is an assault on parental rights and sanity. The State of Illinois wants to change the term of “abused child” to mean any child whose parents won’t agree to a sex change. Parental consent for puberty blockers, cross-sex… Continue Reading →

These Injuries to Young Women Were All in the Name of the Greatest of Causes.

They should wear their injuries proudly. What greater cause than the advancement of leftism could there be? Todd Starnes: A girls basketball game was called at halftime after three young female players were injured by a giant male player who… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Dolan’s Response Says It All, Doesn’t It?

Offend God publicly but then quietly admit your sin and go on with your day. Does that sound like a recipe for success for the Church today? Make no mistake, this is cowardice. LifeSiteNews.com: Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese… Continue Reading →

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