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Author Matthew Archbold

CNN, News Media Covering Incorrupt Body of Nun. That’s Got to be a Miracle in and Of Itself.

I’ve long said that it’ll take a miracle or three to get us out of this mess. Well, this has got to be one. CNN is covering a story about the remains of a Catholic nun being found incorrupt after… Continue Reading →

Pride Month May be Used to Investigate Churches in America.

I’m not even sure what a “Christian nationalist” is. I know I’m supposed to be scared of them. I know the FBI says they’re a threat but I don’t know if I am one. It’s like the word “fundamentalist.” What… Continue Reading →

Martin Scorsese, Maker of the Last Temptation of Christ, Met Pope Francis and Decided to Make Another Film About Jesus. What Could Go Wrong?

Mel Gibson, please hurry up. Martin Scorsese, the director of the Last Temptation of Christ, met with Pope Francis, felt inspired, and has now announced he’ll be making a film about the life of Christ. Hmmmmm. Scorsese also made the… Continue Reading →

This is Beautiful. South African Choir Pays Tribute to Nightbirde Song on AGT.

You might recall in 2021, a young woman calling herself Nightbirde sang on America’s Got Talent and blew everyone away. She said, “you can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore to decide to be happy” and then discussed her terminal… Continue Reading →

ESPN Analyst Slammed for Speaking Up for Women’s Sports.

This is ESPN’s Sam Ponder. She is a woman concerned that men playing women’s sports might be unfair. Makes sense, right? Wrong. She, along with Sage Steele, are being slammed as bigots. USA Today called her a bigot. At least… Continue Reading →

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone responds to Marin County District Attorney decision to Reduce Charges in Church Vandalism.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone wrote a public letter to Marin County District Attorney over his decision to reduce charges to the BLM rioters who destroyed a Church statue of St. Junipero. Remember these nice folks? Well, the Democrat DA just decided… Continue Reading →

Oppressor or Oppressed?

Let’s play the most popular game in America right now!!! Oppressor or oppressed. Where you have to figure out, based on subtle clues, who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed? Oppressor or oppressed? You guessed it. Oppressor!!!! The… Continue Reading →

Marriage Made to Mean so Much, It’s Meaningless

If you want to strip of word of its meaning, you don’t remove or replace its meaning. You add meanings. You add so many meanings so as to make the word unintelligible and useless as a means to convey an… Continue Reading →

NY Times Review of Little Mermaid Complains There’s Not Enough “Kink” or “Carnality.”

Wait. What? Was he drunk when he wrote this? A movie reviewer for America’s newspaper for our “elites” complains that a children’s movie doesn’t have enough “Kink” or “Carnality?” The Gateway Pundit: “The new, live-action ‘The Little Mermaid’ is everything… Continue Reading →

28% of Canadians Favor Euthanasia of Poor and Homeless. What Could Go Wrong?

Canadians are just a tiny mustache away, amirite? Lifesitenews.com: A recent poll has revealed that while more than one-quarter of Canadians support expanding euthanasia for those who are poor or homeless, most oppose any further expansion or relaxing of Canada’s… Continue Reading →

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