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Author Matthew Archbold

Just Don’t Compare Yourself to Lincoln

Here’s a good rule. Don’t compare yourself to Abraham Lincoln. After suffering a well deserved defeat in the Republican primary, Liz Cheney compared herself to none other than Abraham Lincoln. She said, “Abraham Lincoln was defeated in elections for the… Continue Reading →

I Too Am Worried About the Weaponization of the Rosary

In this time in which Catholic Churches are being vandalized, desecrated, and torched The Atlantic chooses this moment to accuse Catholics of weaponizing the rosary. The former magazine published a piece titled “How Extremist Gun Culture Co-Opted the Rosary: The… Continue Reading →

Vandals Target St. Anthony’s School in DC

But don’t worry, they’ve just targeted Catholics so it’s ok and not worthy of mentioning or worrying about. Please continue on with your day. Nothing to see here. This is what you might call one of those “mostly peaceful” vandalisms…. Continue Reading →

Classless “Comedian” Trevor Noah Has a Laugh Over Ivana Trump’s Funeral.

No road too low to attack Donald Trump, even if it’s a joke about the death of his ex-wife. Classless. The Daily Beast reports that Trevor Noah was talking about the recent death of the former president’s first wife, Ivana… Continue Reading →

Dog Reportedly Contracts MonkeyPox from Gay Couple. Wait. How?

Two weeks to flatten the WHAT? NY Post: A dog belonging to a gay French couple has contracted monkeypox after sharing their bed — the first confirmed case of human-to-pet infection, according to reports. The Parisian men, ages 44 and… Continue Reading →

When Leftists Attack

Yet another Church was vandalized recently. Longmont police are investigating suspected vandalism at one of the city’s historic buildings, Old St. Stephen’s Church on Main Street, after two of the building’s stained glass windows were broken. Alyce DeSantis, executive director… Continue Reading →

Bishop Thomas Tobin’s Idea Seems Great But Let’s Put a Pin in it and Circle Back In a Few Decades

Yeeeaaah, this seems like a pretty good thought. I like this but I think the Church seems pretty intent on trying a different way first. Let’s try persecuting the hell out of trads and then just see what happens after… Continue Reading →

The NY Times wants you to be very very nervous about religious people. Linda Greenhouse of the NY Times writes very nervously about Justice Samuel Alito and his defense of religious freedom. The funny thing is that she doesn’t actually… Continue Reading →

North Dakota School District Nixes Pledge Because of all that Icky God Stuff. North Dakota, people!

We are just not taking our local elections seriously. These schools are where people send their children. We have to wake up and stop electing radical weirdoes onto the school board. I mean, when the school board of Fargo, North… Continue Reading →

Fr. Orsi Inteviews Raymond Ibrahim on Christian Persecution Around the Globe.

Fr. Michael P. Orsi of Action for Life recently interviewed Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, on the topic of Christian persecution throughout the Islamic world.

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