We Laugh Because We Believe

Author Matthew Archbold

Priceless!!! #nothankyou

So here the journalists have these three female athletes who won gold, silver, and bronze in weightlifting. The gold medal winner actually broke the world record. But what does the media have to ask about? Not about their achievements as… Continue Reading →

Wow. This Is How You Lose The Media and Gain the Entire Country. This is Awesome.

Don’t look for her to be celebrated by ESPN. Be assured she won’t be on the Wheaties Box. But this woman makes us all proud to be American. Seriously, she hit all the no-no’s. She mentioned God and that she… Continue Reading →

Gonzo the Muppet Comes Out as Transgender. Your Children Must Accept the New Ways!!!

Wait. Not Miss Piggy? We’re a loooooong way from Veggie Tales, eh? This is why @BraveBooksUS was started It’s time for traditional values to be taught again pic.twitter.com/0IRpMLuRjp — Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) August 3, 2021 In the episode, the muppets… Continue Reading →

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick criminally charged for alleged sex abuse of a minor nearly 50 years ago

Reading these charges makes me ill. The fact that he may have been doing awful things like this for years is appalling. But the fact that so many people inside the Church knew this was going on and remained silent… Continue Reading →

How’s that Post-Christian Culture Working Out for You?

Less than half of American households donated to charity for the first time. That’s a shocking statistic, given that just twenty years ago that number was almost 70 percent. Why? Researchers say that it’s because many people stopped going to… Continue Reading →

Three Exorcist Sequels Greenlit with Ellen Burstyn

I’ve got mixed feelings, of course. If they can somehow recreate the amazing work of author William Peter Blatty and director William Friedkin I will be super pleased. I would expect Ellen Burstyn to be awesome but I’ll also expect… Continue Reading →

Catholic School Sues Over Mask Mandate, Says Masks Cover God’s Image

Well, this is a novel legal strategy. A Catholic school comes out in favor of facial nudity. I’m on board. Not sure this is the best legal strategy but I like it. Any Catholic school that takes on Michigan Governor… Continue Reading →

1st Amendment Suspended if LGBTQ Mad

This is what happens when you create new rights for certain select communities. They tend to conflict with the God given rights for all. And it turns out that judges tend to favor these newfangled made up rights over those… Continue Reading →

Imagine All the Bodies/Piled Up Today

Bishop Robert Barron wrote in the NY Post: “The Olympics opening ceremonies in Tokyo featured one of the worst pop songs of all time: Yes, I’m speaking of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” sung by a large children’s choir and a bevy… Continue Reading →

Looking for Christian Inspiration? Read “American Antigone.”

There are dark days approaching. As a Catholic writer I’ve attempted to keep my readers inspired. My first book, “Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage” took real life stories where regular Christians stood up for Christ. They sometimes… Continue Reading →

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