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In 2008, Who Could’ve Predicted This? (Fixed)

If in 2008 you had pondered the outcome of a winner-take-all matchup between president-elect Barack Obama and then Archbishop of Milwaukee Timothy Dolan, I think few would’ve considered it a fair fight. As President-elect Barack Obama stood between the Greek… Continue Reading →

Abp. Dolan Wants to Believe Obama’s Not Anti-Christian But…

I’m pretty sure President Obama is going to start sporting a wife beater. He continues beating on those whom he professes to love. Oh and Catholics are the spouse with the split lip and the closed eye who refuses to… Continue Reading →

Abp. Dolan Warns Obama

Thems fighting words. And I’m likin’ it. Archbishop Timothy Dolan sent a pretty strongly worded letter to President Obama saying that unless this administration changes course quickly on the issue of religious freedom that the government is creating “a national… Continue Reading →

Wow. USCCB Elects Abp. Dolan

The National Catholic Register reports some shocking news: New York Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan was elected president of the U.S. bishops’ conference at 10am this morning. The vote was 128-111 on the third ballot, a runoff in which he defeated… Continue Reading →

Abp. Dolan on Haiti

Keep the prayers going and donations as well.

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