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Archdiocese of Freiburg Website Links to Abortionists

It seems the Archdioceses of Freiburg and Cologne both link to abortion clinics on their websites. The Eponymous Flower reports: The organization has a Nazi back ground. It doesn’t just abuse children, but kills them as well. It’s not a… Continue Reading →

Archdiocese Sues Baltimore

You know how in commercials for medicine they say in a really fast voice “thisproductwillmakeyoureyesbleedandyourhairfallout.” Warnings such as those usually mean that you’re telling someone to avoid something dangerous. But our country is so backwards at this point that crisis… Continue Reading →

Equality vs. Christianity

Everyone talks about equality. But equality only exists in the eyes of God and is, after all, a rather Christian concept. We are all loved by God and in that is our worth. Ironically, many politicians are marginalizing religion from… Continue Reading →

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