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The Confessing Archbolds

My wife and I were getting ready to go to confession with the three oldest girls. The boy, who is six, said he wanted to go too. “You can’t,” the girls told him with the glee that nine and ten… Continue Reading →

Funny Church Picture of the Day

The priest must be very tough in the confessional at this church in Aspen, Colorado!

Priest’s Sock Puppet Hears Confessions

A priest’s sock puppet has been caught secretly hearing confessions in a downtown Philadelphia Catholic Church. The puppet, introduced to the church during a homily six years ago by Fr. Michael McBrien has recently become a mainstay of Mass. “Father… Continue Reading →

My Daughter’s First Confession

I cannot speak too highly of confession. Right now I’m feeling good. My eight year old daughter had her first confession tonight. She’d been running a 102 degree fever all day and I told her she didn’t have to go… Continue Reading →

Go To Confession: You Won’t Regret It

This is the latest in a series in which I rip-off reprint the pastoral message of Fr. John McCartney of St. Matthew’s in Dix Hills NY. I feel guilty about continually stealing borrowing his work, but it is too good… Continue Reading →

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