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PETA Accuses NYTimes of Necrophilia

How awesome is that headline? The kicker is that it’s true. PETA, the animal rights organization that’s starting their own porn site, is accusing the New York Times of necrophilia for running this picture. The Atlantic Wire has the quote:… Continue Reading →

Patricia Neal, Pro-Life Advocate RIP

Patricia Neal, the famous actress passed away from lung cancer yesterday. Patricia Neal was a great actress and became a strong Catholic pro-life advocate as an adult. When Neal was young she fell in love and had an extended affair… Continue Reading →

In Lieu of Flowers, Vote Against Harry Reid

This is just priceless. Sadly, it is too late for any of us to meet Charlotte McCourt. The Nevada grandmother passed away this week at the age of 84 after a long illness. But it is not too late for… Continue Reading →

A Lesson on Immortality

Ted Kennedy is dead. Do you remember the period shortly after his death when the media tortured the phrase “The Lion of the Senate,” endlessly discussed his liberal legacy, and the effort by a number of Democrats and many in… Continue Reading →

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