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Scariest Economic Stat…Evah!

I hope whoever the Republican nominee is, sees this stat that was originally published in The Weekly Standard and starts shouting it from the rooftops. In fact, send an aide to Kinkos and get a really long one that can… Continue Reading →

A Real Doomsday Approaches?

There is this guy, an investment adviser named Porter Stansberry. He has been all over the airwaves and web for weeks promoting a video he made called “End of America.” The radio ad, which seems like it is playing constantly,… Continue Reading →

Economics Takes the Place of Morality

I recently read a piece in the Irish Times worrying that economics was entering into the debate over euthanasia. But I can’t help but think it’s always been there. Let’s face it, without any agreed upon morality concerning human life… Continue Reading →

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