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Union Goons to Protest Funerals?!

This is sick. Taking a page out of that lunatic Fred Phelps’ playbook, the Teamsters Union, because of a dispute with a funeral home, is now threatening to protest funerals. Now, please recall all the media outrage over Phelps’ protesting… Continue Reading →

VA: God Not Invited to Funerals

It seems that the separation of Church and state actually means that the state is bent on totally eradicating the church. Weasel Zippers reports: Local veterans and volunteer groups are accusing Department of Veterans Affairs officials of censoring religious speech… Continue Reading →

Please Say This at My Funeral

I attended a funeral recently of a man I used to work with. Something happened there that got me thinking. I can’t tell you how many Catholic funerals I’ve been to where I was assured that the deceased was with… Continue Reading →

Death and Praxis

I think that we have all seen how wrong Catholic funerals can sometimes go, in all directions. We have seen faithful Catholics denied a funeral mass by their faithless and selfish offspring. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we… Continue Reading →

The Wrong Wake

This is a good, funny and touching story by Jennifer over at Conversion Diary about going to a wake a few days ago. Yesterday I found myself alone in a room with the body of a deceased person. My husband’s… Continue Reading →

Over Their Dead Bodies or Mine!

The following comes from the Pastor’s Page of the Bulletin of St. Matthew’s in Dix Hills New York. Father McCartney reminds us of our obligation to take care of our parents in life and in death. Read the whole thing,… Continue Reading →

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