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Supreme Court Rules Human Genes Cannot Be Patented

*subhead*Yay! Common Sense.*subhead* Political cartoon by David Horsey Almost a year ago, I wrote “Owning Genes” here at Creative Minority Report. In that post I discussed the patenting of naturally occurring human genes and how that affects your health care…. Continue Reading →

US Appeals Court Upholds Gene Patents

*subhead*Again.*subhead* A while back I introduced Creative Minority readers to gene patents. In the 1980s, the United States Patent and Trademark Office started issuing patents for naturally occurring genes. Since then a quarter of our genes have been patented and… Continue Reading →

Owning Genes

While the country breathlessly waits for the Supreme Court to decide on Obamacare, there is another court battle to keep an eye on.  While this battle is not as critical as the one on our health care system, it is… Continue Reading →

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