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Sex-selection in the West

*subhead*Real war on women is in the womb.*subhead* Everyone knows that sex-selection is rampant in the places like China and India where ultrasound and legalized abortion mean that roughly 160 million women are “missing.” What many people do not know,… Continue Reading →

Indian Doctors feed aborted female fetuses to dogs to hide sex-selection abortion

This is just horrific.  Abortion is horrific. Gendercide is horrific. And so it is no surprise that these practices breed more horror. I really hope this report is not true. From India Today: Some doctors in Beed are disposing of… Continue Reading →

3 Deadliest Words in the World: “It’s a Girl”

This is horrifying. Just horrifying. I pray that future generations will look back upon this and recoil in horror like we all do now with slavery. But if we don’t continue fighting against the dehumanization of the unborn and born… Continue Reading →

Sex Change Surgery for 1-5 Year Old Girls

This is sick. Because so many families were aborting girl babies, I guess India made sex determination tests during pregnancy illegal to try to prevent the common practice of women choosing to abort female babies. But an unforeseen consequence has… Continue Reading →

USAID Funded Contraception Commercial

This commercial was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in India. Don’t you just love that your taxpayer money went towards making a commercial for contraception and made abortion look like something between an overnight at… Continue Reading →

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