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Fertility Fit Bit

*subhead*NFP and PB&J.*subhead* When I was in my teens, my parents were editors of the International Review of Natural Family Planning. They would sit across the kitchen table from each other and read out each article word by word, punctuation… Continue Reading →

Thai Surrogacy Scandal: The Difference Between Begotten and Made

*subhead*Kids are gifts, not products.*subhead* You have likely heard the surrogacy story that has recently made headlines all over the world. An Australian couple hired a Thai woman to carry their IVF embryos. She gave birth to twins, a boy… Continue Reading →

HuffPo: We Must Regulate Fertility Industry

Progressives are all about “reproductive rights.”  These mythical rights are not just about terminating life in the womb, but about putting life there any way possible.  It really doesn’t matter if mass producing human life in a dish is healthy… Continue Reading →

A Hidden Kind of Suffering

Thanks to Tony Rossi for writing this piece. I know so many Catholics suffer from infertility and it’s great to know there are pro-life options: “Infertility is one of the most painful things I have ever seen a couple or… Continue Reading →

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