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Girl’s Lemonade Stand Robbed, Happy Ending

This unbelievable story shows both the best and worst in people. A young girl ran a lemonade stand to raise money for her very sick cousin. Unfortunately, some punks robbed the little girl’s lemonade stand. But don’t worry there’s a… Continue Reading →

Amazing Video: The Blind Quilter

This is beautifully inspirational. If you don’t at least smile while watching this consult your doctor, your priest, or your friend on the suicide hotline because your soul is being strangled in a thick mire of nihilistic blech or something…. Continue Reading →

Inspiring Video of the Day

You really should see this. Gateway Pundit writes: Holland Reynolds, a star runner from a small private high school in San Francisco, collapsed at the state cross-country meet just two yards from the finish line. What happened next was amazing…. Continue Reading →

Inspiring Video

This is an amazing, inspiring and uplifting video.

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