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Official USF Apparel Featuring Rainbow Flag CA

I am a University of San Francisco Don. This popped up in my Facebook feed this morning. The product description is “University Of San Francisco – Logo With Gay Pride Flag.” It seems the apparel is “officially licensed.” There are… Continue Reading →

America Mag Bails on Fight for Religious Liberty

Run away! Run away! The brave editors of America Magazine stood for a while with the bishops in their struggle for religious liberty. But no more. The editors of the Jesuit magazine have sounded the trumpets of retreat and are… Continue Reading →

Gonzaga To Host Vagina Monologues

Gonzaga University for the first time ever will play host to the controversial play The Vagina Monologues. It would appear that some students have been trying for a long time to get the nasty play on campus without success. But… Continue Reading →

Jesuit: Our Job Isn’t to Bring People to God

Now, this is depressing. Not surprising. But definitely depressing. I just got this video from the Cardinal Newman Society concering Georgetown University. And it’s a doozy. And here’s the thing -this is what Georgetown is publicly espousing. I can’t imagine… Continue Reading →

Obamacare Nun Honored by Jesuit University

A Jesuit university is honoring Sr. Carol Keehan who publicly supported Obamacare against the bishop’s wishes and despite the bill’s federal funding of abortion. Keehan’s support was a huge public relations coup for the Obama administration which believed her endorsement… Continue Reading →

Jesuit: Church Has Lost all Credibility

A Jesuit in Honduras announced today that the Catholic Church has “lost all credibility” because it doesn’t support the Hugo Chavez wanna-be Manuel Zelaya’s return as President. Well, there goes 2,000 years of what we’d have to call a pretty… Continue Reading →

Who Said It?

As a product of a Jesuit education, this is one of my favorite quotes from an American politician. No it’s not Barack Obama. Somebody a little older. Who said it? I do not like the reappearance of the Jesuits…. Shall… Continue Reading →

Making Me Mad Men

Last year, one of my favorite TV shows was “Mad Men” on AMC. The attention to detail in the period show and the acting was absolutely top notch. I have really been looking forward to this season and there are… Continue Reading →

Santorum Calls Out “Catholic” Colleges

I graduated from a Jesuit university over ten years ago now and even then I remember the Catholic tradition of the school was talked about something we had to recognize was in our past. Not something shameful but certainly something… Continue Reading →

The Elephant In The Room

How dare you, how dare you point out the elephant in the room! Stephen A. Privett, S.J. is upset. Privett is the president of the University of San Francisco and he has a bone to pick with George Weigel. A… Continue Reading →

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