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Take Off You Hoser!

Scene: A Hospital in Canada, eh? Doctor: So I was thinkin’ eh? Your husband, he don’t look so good eh?Wife: But Doctor, he just needs help! You can treat him. Anyway, I am his wife and I authorize the treatment.Doctor:… Continue Reading →

Everybody’s Equal – Just Some Are More Equal Than Others

In a stunning development which nobody could’ve seen coming, life is becoming devalued in today’s culture. Details to follow. Doctors in the UK Telegraph are calling for NHS treatment to be withheld from patients who are too old or who… Continue Reading →

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This

Lorraine Allard, who during her pregnancy was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer but delayed treatment for the sake of her baby, has passed away. Lorraine was told four months into the pregnancy the devastating news that she was in the… Continue Reading →

I’m Counter-Cultural, Who Knew?

I was reading a post over at the wonderful DanielleBean.com.In this post she responds to some female readers who are on the fence about having a 3rd, 4th, or 5th child. Danielle ponders why this topic seems to come up… Continue Reading →

Princeton Prof. Scolds Church on Life

A Princeton professor has warned in a piece in “First Things” that the scandal of pro-abortion Catholics and the do-nothing attitude of bishops threatens more damage to the Catholic Church than pedophile priests. I agree with his point that the… Continue Reading →

Maternal Instinct

The most disgusting thing I’ve read in years is in the Times (UK) entitled “Abortion: why it’s the ultimate motherly act.” Notice how this woman refers even to her own child as “it.”

Ungrateful for Small Mercies

There has been a bit of blog buzz surrounding Tuesday’s episode of “House ”. While I am appreciative that the episode gave some consideration to life, it strikes me that we are so starved for any “life”-related themes that we… Continue Reading →

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