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Fr. McBrien: Liberal Catholics are Unfaithful

Fr. Richard McBrien of Notre Dame is slipping. He used to couch his anti-Church statements with question marks so he could just claim he was asking a question or he’d make simply say something heretical but start it with “Many… Continue Reading →

So Who’s Awarded the Medal Now?

Fr. John I. Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame, announced that he’s “disappointed” that former Vatican Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon has declined to provide cover for the University by standing on the dais with President Obama. He then… Continue Reading →

Rambling Ruminations of a Dissenting Dinosaur

Even though we were completely wrong, we were right. Besides, since you were not obliged to listen in the first place, it doesn’t matter that we were wrong. Even though we were right. Moreover, since circumstances change, which means that… Continue Reading →

Fr.McBrien Wants To Censor Me!

According to Fr. Richard McBrien, I should be barred from speaking at or receiving and honorary degree from Catholic Institutions. Fr. McBrien discusses the USCCB admonishment to Catholic Institutions that they “should not honor those who act in defiance of… Continue Reading →

Progressive Cognitive Dissonance

cognitive dissonance –noun Psychology. anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or otherwise incompatible attitudes, beliefs, or the like Professional progressive Fr. Richard McBrien in his most recent column displays a very striking (and humorous) cognitive dissonance when it comes… Continue Reading →

The McBrien Prize For Really Inept Vaticanology

George Weigel makes me laugh. The U.S. press incessantly tries to use their political vocabulary to describe Church and Vatican issues usually completely missing the point. George Weigel, in an article in National Review, exposes the ineptness of the U.S…. Continue Reading →

The Art of Dissent

Dissent is an art form. There are those who come right at you and question the teachings of the Church. They are the hacks. The really talented dissenters are crafty. They know through years of experience that they do not… Continue Reading →

Ecuminism the McBrien Way

Perennial progressive malcontent, Fr. Richard McBrien has an article about the progress made in the area of ecumenism. While I actually agree that some of the things he lists are progress, his main criteria for evaluating ecumenism is Catholic rejecting… Continue Reading →

Two Takes on Tridentine Mass

These two article appeared within days of each other. It’s comical how different the takes are. This first one is from Sunday’s Washington Times on the effect of Summorum Pontificum: Roman Catholic churches nationwide are rushing to accommodate a surge… Continue Reading →

The Dinosaurs Doth Protest Too Much

Fr. Wacko Progressive Condescending Dinosaur (aka Fr. Richard McBrien. I know name calling is often considered immature at worst and bad form at best, however I contend that name calling, when accurately and creatively done, ought be considered a public… Continue Reading →

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