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If Only Bachmann Had Ties to Sex Change Clinic?

The big “scandal” around Presidential hopeful Michelle Bachmann is telling of where we are as a culture. And it’s not good. It’s been reported that Bachmann’s husband runs a clinic that aside from doing all sorts of marital counseling and… Continue Reading →

Pulitzer Winner: Bachmann is Barbie “With Fangs”

This is absolutely outrageous. WaPo columnist Colby King calls Michelle Bachmann “Barbie with fangs.” The baseless and nasty attacks from the left continue and all you get are guffaws and warnings to the right about watching our tone. Check out… Continue Reading →

Reporters Attack Bachmann’s Foster Care

You knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, right? Reporters are dashing around Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann’s history like they just got off the plane at Wasilla. They’re rabid. The effort to destroy Michelle Bachmann is… Continue Reading →

Bachmann Calls for Congressional Action on Planned Parenthood

This is quite the gathering. Andrew Breitbart (hosting the Dennis Miller show) hosted Lila Rose and Michelle Bachmann to discuss Lie Action’s latest sting. It was Bachmann who today announced that she will seek to have Planned Parenthood lose its… Continue Reading →

Chris Matthews Loses It on Michelle Bachmann

Look, we all knew this was going to be a rough night for the MSNBC gang. But this is just crazy. I initially put this on the Live blog but it’s so nasty and rude that I had to bring… Continue Reading →

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