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Cloudy With a Slight Chance of Reason

*subhead*Liberalism.*subhead* I live in Washington State. Born and raised mostly in California, I am a transplant to the Evergreen State and find a lot about life here puzzling. We are one of the most liberal states in the Union. We… Continue Reading →

Egypt is the New Nazi

Everything is “Egypt” all of a sudden. The Wisconsin protests are just like Egypt. Indiana is just like Egypt. And now it seems that the Catholic Church too is just like Egypt, according to one writer. I’ll get into the… Continue Reading →

Hilarious Ad for ProgressiveChurch.com

This is pretty darn clever.

Dem Congresswoman Targets Church

Wow. Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, called out and threatened the Catholic Church with retribution for speaking out against abortion being funded by taxpayer money in the healthcare plan, says The Politico. Here’s Woolsey’s comments:… Continue Reading →

Progressive Catholics Despair

OK. Ok. Reading CMR recently, one can get pretty easily get a “we’re all heading to Hell in a handbasket” feeling pretty easily. But today I’m going to lighten your load a wee bit and suggest that we might just… Continue Reading →

The Battle of Falkirk

Father Edward Hodurek has been ordered back to Poland by the Vatican and a hall used by the Polish community in Falkirk Scotland has been closed and put up for sale. Some of the young Poles bemoan the loss of… Continue Reading →

Progressives Turn Back the Clock

In reading about the political landscape this election cycle I am repeatedly confronted by the word “progressive.” It seems to apply mostly to the extreme liberals. The “progressive” vote is evidently up for grabs with Barack Obama, John Edwards, and… Continue Reading →

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