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From Satanist to Saint?

This is a pretty awesome story from the UK Catholic Herald. Check it out: Pompeii has more to offer than dusty ruins filled with plaster casts of people, and one unfortunate puppy, frozen in time. It is also, coincidentally, home… Continue Reading →

NRO Diagnoses Fr. Amorth as Warped

Mike Potemra at National Review’s The Corner just slammed Fr. Gabriel Amorth pretty outrageously and irresponsibly, I think. As CMR readers know Fr. Gabriel Amorth in an interview with CNA recently said that there were Satanists in the Vatican. You… Continue Reading →

Ritual Sacrifices in Northeast?

So I’m reading the local newspapers and what do I see? A rash of animal sacrifices have been found in Philadelphia recently pretty close to my house. Investigators are unsure why. Just this week three animals were found decapitated in… Continue Reading →

Gnostic Gnuckleheads

What follows is exactly what would would happen if we allowed the womynpriests movement to have their way. Keleigh Friedrich of the Sacramento News and Review got an assignment and ended up a divinity. That job has good benefits, huh?…. Continue Reading →

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