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Immoral Uses of Biotechnology — Even With Good Intentions — Are Nevertheless Evil

I admit it. I have been MIA in the blogging world for the past six months. Mea culpa. *subhead*Always dare to hope.*subhead* There is a good reason. I am working in a neurobiology lab at the local university. We are… Continue Reading →

Silence on Three-Parent Embryos is Deafening

*subhead*Horrifying.*subhead* I will be honest. I am tired. I am angry. I am frustrated. This is likely an uncharacteristically emotional post because, after nearly a decade of writing about biotechnology, I am uncharacteristically horrified. The UK has officially approved the… Continue Reading →

Orwellian Deception: Three-Parent Babies Okayed in the U.K.

*subhead*Ministry of Truth*subhead* It is against the law in the United Kingdom to genetically engineer humans in a way that can be passed onto future generations. This is called a germ-line genetic modification. The three-parent embryo technique, also called mitochondrial… Continue Reading →

Down Syndrome Discovery Has Implications for Human Genetic Engineering

*subhead*Small changes, big effects*subhead* The 21st human chromosome is the smallest of all our chromosomes. It contains a few hundred genes and is only 1% of our total DNA. As most people know, an extra chromosome 21 causes Down Syndrome…. Continue Reading →

Genetically Modified Food: Bad; Genetically Modified Humans: Good

*subhead*Colossal disconnect.*subhead* As the United Kingdom, and possibly the United States, are poised to move forward in creating genetically modified children with the genetic material of three people, the world is becoming more aware, and more suspicious, of genetically modified… Continue Reading →

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