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WaPo: Obama Should Be a One-Termer

You’ve got to know that the White House is in a tizzy about this editorial. Shocking is the word that comes to mind. Granted that it’s by moderate Democrats Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen but the Washington Post still ran… Continue Reading →

D.C.: Childish Church Blackmailing City

The headline screams “Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum” and the D.C. city council accuses the Church of threats, and blackmail and harming the poor. If you read the Washington Post story today you’d never know that the D.C. City Council… Continue Reading →

WaPost Hit Piece on Burke

Archbishop Burke must be doing something right if he deserves an absolute hit piece in the Washington Post. This piece is something to behold. The piece runs through the litany of areas where Archbishop Burke has tried to bring his… Continue Reading →

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