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Fr. Barron on Conscience and Relationships

And hey, Fr. Barron and his gang are over at World Youth Day in Madrid. You can check out his daily updates on his blog. I really wish I were there.

He’s So Out of Touch!

Dear Media, please correlate this picture with how “out of touch” Pope Benedict XVI is. As you are losing viewers and readers by the thousands, perhaps your “out of touch” accusations are simply a case of Freudian transference. Seek help… Continue Reading →

Stations of the Cross Come to Life

Back in 2005 when World Youth Day was announced for Australia, Mel Gibson was invited to help stage the stations of the cross. For obvious reasons, that idea was dropped. But from the looks of it, I don’t think that… Continue Reading →

When Christians Act Like Christians

When Christians act like Christians, even the secularists notice. [TIME] Before the Pope and the crowds arrived, Sydney tried hard to be cynical about the whole affair. People asked why the government was spending $80 million on World Youth Day,… Continue Reading →

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