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Christians Are the Most Chill. And They Should Really Stop That.

Netflix workers didn’t walk out on their job over “Cuties,” the child porn movie that Netflix aired. So it’s just interesting to note what they don’t get incensed over. Because yesterday they all walked out over Dave Chapelle’s comedy special… Continue Reading →

NY Times Says Boom in Christian Schools is…You Guessed It, Racist

It’s not the fact that public schools are forcing the children to wear masks. It’s not the insane Critical Race Theories or the weird gender bending curriculums that bear no relation to science. No, the fact that parents are pulling… Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Tell Her My Name

My kids had the same pediatrician for years. Their whole lives. She came in to see my first daughter the day after she was born. She was tall and angular with intense eyes. The doctor, not my daughter. My daughter… Continue Reading →

Great Vid: The Miracle of Mathematics.

As Philosopher William Lane Craig explains, mathematics is a big deal because it “lies at the foundation of transformative technologies like the personal computer and the color photograph. Its theorems led to the discovery of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity…. Continue Reading →

Why Are Christian Schools Booming and Catholic Schools Declining?

The NY Times reports on the boom in Christian education: “Five years ago, the school in southwest Virginia had just 88 students between kindergarten and 12th grade. Its finances were struggling, quality was inconsistent by its own admission, and classes… Continue Reading →

Hilarious. Author of Handmaid’s Tale Getting Cancelled for Transphobia.

The author of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which has been celebrated by the left and used as a weapon against conservative pro-life laws is now coming under fire for “transphobia.” Heh. Why can’t we say ‘woman’ anymore? via @torontostar —… Continue Reading →

100 Acts of Anti-Muslim Vandalism Since May 2020!!!! Nah. It’s Just Vandalism to Catholic Churches. Everything’s Fine.

Seriously imagine this report about anyone else: “U.S. Bishops Say 100 Acts of Anti-Catholic Vandalism Since May 2020.” Imagine 100 Acts of Vandalism against Black Churches!!! Holy crap. Don’t even imagine it because I can’t help but imagine Don Lemon… Continue Reading →

Leftist Twitter Wishes Death on Dennis Prager, Who Tested Positive for Covid

Dennis Prager, the conservative radio host and head of PragerU, has Covid. So, if you have a moment please say a prayer for his recovery. Some, on the the other hand, may be too busy celebrating on Twitter: Dennis Prager… Continue Reading →

Riders watched as a woman was raped on a train but no one called 911, police say.

This is not a Philadelphia thing. We have lost something as a nation. We’ve lost our…connective tissue. We’ve lost our courage. We’ve lost our humanity, I think. Yahoo: A 35-year-old man in Pennsylvania is facing rape and assault charges after… Continue Reading →

WNBA Players Association says, “Politicians Don’t Control Our Bodies.”

So for a moment I thought maybe the WNBA did something interesting. The WNBA Players Association stood up for bodily autonomy and against the mandatory vaccines, I thought. Sadly, my hopes were dashed once again on Twitter, the place where… Continue Reading →

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