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Senator and Pastor Raphael Warnock Says Abortions Are What Jesus Would Do.

I wouldn’t stand too close to Raphael Warnock anytime soon. In an interview with MSNBC host Joy Reid on ‘The Reidout’ on Monday, Warnock, who has voted for abortions up to birth, tried to justify killing babies by saying that… Continue Reading →

I’m No Brilliant Financial Advisor But I’d Invest in Re-Education Camps Right Now If I Were You

There was a perfect exchange between Justice Neil Gorsuch and Colorado Solicitor General Ted Olson yesterday which shows…everything. The case before the court is a religious freedom case and Gorsuch brought up Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who’s… Continue Reading →

She Seems Nice.

I’m thinking Rutgers is off my kids’ college list. Soooo…Kanye is cancelled but this hateful racist insanity from a professor at Rutgers is perfectly cool for school. Rutgers professor: “White people are committed to being villains”… “whiteness is going to… Continue Reading →

Tell Me Again How the School Districts Don’t Hate Parents and Don’t Want Ownership Of Your Children

This is Indiana, folks. Not New York or California. Indiana. If this is going down here, be assured its just about everywhere. They hate you and want ownership of your children. The Daily Signal: An email unearthed by parents at… Continue Reading →

Bishop Strickland Calls Out Chillary as “Evil Woman.”

Wow. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Hillary Clinton, in an interview with “journalist” Christiane Amanpour, proclaimed that pro-life Americans were no different than the Iranian regime, the Taliban, and Russian soldiers on women’s rights with all their rapey stuff…. Continue Reading →

Rachel Levine Urges Pediatricians to Become Activists for Trans Procedures for Minors.

This fake science must be stopped. This is a cult. This is not science. United States assistant secretary for health Rachel Levine wants pediatricians all over the country to push trans procedures for minors. These people are demented. And they… Continue Reading →

Jane’s Revenge Threatens Pro-Lifers at Two Locations. Don’t Worry, Law Enforcement is All Over It. Right?

Kristen Hawkins of Students for Life arrived at the John Paul II Newman Center near the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s Scott Campus to find a threatening note saying the center will be shot up if a law restricting abortion is passed…. Continue Reading →

“I Refuse to Comply!” Christians Refuse to Remove Nativity Scene from Park.

In the famous words of Kevin Hart: Todd Starnes is like Captain Christmas. If there’s somebody somewhere trying to ruin Christmas Todd Starnes finds out about it and publishes the story. Good for him. Here’s the story: Christians in Eureka… Continue Reading →

The real reason old people go to Mass so often

I used to think old people went to Mass and prayed all the time because they feared death. That’s not it. It’s because they fear what will become of their adult children without them there to guide them.

Navy Seal Tranny Featured on CNN Detransitions. And He’s Got Some Words for What’s Going On.

Anderson Cooper Featured this guy on CNN. I wonder if he’ll put him on now that he de-transitioned. Robby Starbuck, whose podcast Navy Seal Chris Beck appeared on, reports that “a VA doctor gave Chris hormones after a 1 hour… Continue Reading →

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