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Fr. James Martin Obfuscates, and Jesuits Away Religious Liberty

Here’s a thread in which Fr. James Martin attempts to Jesuit away the very idea of religious liberty. I find this disgusting and obvious. Does this really work on anyone? Spoiler alert: Yes. It’s working quite well. But a majority… Continue Reading →

The Choc-acolypse!!! Thousands of Chocolate Bunnies Must be Destroyed, Rules Court.

Oh the humanity!!! Yahoo: The end is near for chocolate bunnies sold at the German grocery store chain Lidl. A Swiss federal court has ordered them to be destroyed as a result of a trademark violation, according to a court… Continue Reading →

Devout Catholic Update!!! Slow Joe’s Theological Update on Abortion.

You’re gonna’ love this one: Devout Catholic Update. — Tim Graham (@TimJGraham) October 3, 2022 Well. At least this proves that Joe’s dad was a moron as well. It is genetics. Truth be told, I don’t even think his… Continue Reading →

Gay Rom-Com Tanks at the Box Office. And You’re to Blame.

It’s a Bros-pocalypse. The new gay rom-com tanked at the box office. Who could’ve seen this coming? But I mean this movie tanked like Ishtar but with gay sex. Hollywood Reporter: Actor Billy Eichner didn’t hold back when taking to… Continue Reading →

The Associated Press Just Called the Confessional a “Clergy Loophole.”

I’m starting to think these people really don’t like us. I mean, what did we do to them? George Neumayr (I always feel like I’m spelling his name wrong but I’m not, I checked) at the American Spectator writes: The… Continue Reading →

This is Horrifying. 70 Pro-Life Centers Vandalized or Torched. Zero Arrests.

Yes, pro-lifers are being targeted. Not just by those firebombing their clinics, or tossing rocks through their windows but by law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community which is supposed to be investigating these crimes. This is a must watch:… Continue Reading →

Tucker Carlson’s Segment on Pro-Life Dad Attacked by Armed FBI Will Shock and Horrify You.

His name is Mark Houck. This issue is not being covered by mainstream media but there’s no doubt that what happened to him is becoming a trumpet call to sane normal Americans. The Deep State is unmasked and normal people… Continue Reading →

Teen Climate Activist Gets Hilariously Owned. But The Host Gets Slammed for Pointing Out Hypocrisy.

This is just too funny. Teen Climate Activist Izzy Cook warns against air travel to places like Fiji but then admits she vacationed in Fiji with her family. The radio host laughs at her and mocks her. It’s pretty funny…. Continue Reading →

Guys, They’re Telling Us What They’re Doing

This speech from the PM of New Zealand got applause and agreement from the audience at the United Nations. Increasingly, the left is explaining their intentions. In short, we are at the point when the villain monologues. Do you know… Continue Reading →

Saint Vincent College Demonstrates the Moral Collapse of Catholic Education

Bradley C. S. Watson was a longtime professor at Saint Vincent’s College, a Catholic college. What he writes at the Spectator should alarm all parents considering Catholic colleges for their children. A case in point is the institution from which… Continue Reading →

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