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It Seems to Me Everyone Goes to Heaven Except Trads

The good news is that years Catholics were accused of believing that the pope could never say or do anything wrong. Well, I don’t think people can say that anymore. I remember years ago, one of the first big defenses… Continue Reading →

Whoopi: If God Didn’t Want Abortions Why Did He Give Us Free Will?

Wow. This is stupid. And offensive. What’s worse is that those brain dead sad sacks in the audience applauded this stupidity. Goldberg says "God doesn't make mistakes" and thus it's in his plan to have women choose abortion."God made us… Continue Reading →

Kid Owns Teacher on Pronouns and She Can’t Decide if He’s Serious

Time to find a new line of work, lady. But here’s the thing, if you can’t say anything is right or wrong then you really can’t definitively say which is which, right? This is where teachers are nowadays, these kids… Continue Reading →

Gov. Ron DeSantis has instructed Florida schools to ignore Biden’s mandates to insert gender ideology into schools.

Note to all Republican governors, you should follow suit. Here’s the thing. If we can’t depend on you to stand up for our children, then what can we depend on you for? The Washington Examiner: Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has… Continue Reading →

11 adults in Scotland formed demonic ‘pedo ring’ which routinely raped and assaulted 3 children, performed witchcraft, killed animals

It’s all real, folks. When we reject Christ, we embrace all sorts of villainy and evil. Paganism and the occult are on the rise throughout western civilization. The Blaze: Eleven adults in Scotland have been arrested and charged with various… Continue Reading →

White House Says Supreme Court’s Dobbs Decision was “Unconstitutional.”

I see their point. They believe the Constitution is a “living document” so they see the Constitution as whatever they want so if you go against what they want, it’s therefore unconstitutional. Get it? In short, it’s now unconstitutional to… Continue Reading →

A Munsters Reboot Might be the Most Horrific Thing These Eyes Have Seen

I am always on the lookout for signs of the apocalypse. This is surely one. Comedy is difficult, I get it. But this looks…so awful. It has all the production value of a Power Rangers episode, the acting of a… Continue Reading →

The Broken Universe

Science, good science needs many fewer mathematicians and many more engineers who care to see how things actually work before falling in love with a formula. Great advances in engineering drive our advancement. Things work or they don’t. People ask… Continue Reading →

Pick Which One You’d Rather Have as Your Neighbor.

Which world would you rather live in? Which one would you want your daughter to hang out with or your son to date? Hmmmm…. The Daily Wire reports what happened between these two: A pro-life teen volunteer was physically assaulted… Continue Reading →

Justice Department Sues Idaho over Abortion Ban

Here they come. The left has been complaining that the Biden administration hasn’t done enough to defend abortion so now, the Biden Administration, in an attempt to be seen as doing something to defend abortion they’ve sent the Department of… Continue Reading →

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