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Prepare for the Trans Day of Vengeance!

Wait, what exactly are trans advocates seeking vengeance for? We just had to deal with “Jane’s Revenge” this past year with some radical pro-aborts seeking to revenge the demise of Roe v. Wade. We saw hundreds of acts of vandalism,… Continue Reading →

Philly to Pay Women to Have Babies.

Babies=Cash. Life is about money. That is the underlying belief here. And it’s disturbing. Materialists believe you can just throw money at a situation to fix it. The problems are much deeper than money. It’s lifestyle. It’s about beliefs. It’s… Continue Reading →

The Covid Vaccine Redeems Abortion, Just Like Jesus.

Big Pharma = Jesus. Got it. So, these three “conservative” brainiacs got together and decided to convince us rubes that the vaccine is just like Jesus. No, seriously. That’s what they’re saying. “Well, those folks sure do seem to love… Continue Reading →

Male Athlete Crushes Female Runners to win Gold in Italy. Accuses Critics of Being “Hitler.”

He seems nice. Dude, pretending to be a woman, is cranking out wins against female competitors and those who question him are like…worse than Hitler. A transgender athlete smashed female competitors to win a gold medal in Italy, before going… Continue Reading →

How Can I Tell You America is Doomed without Telling You America is Doomed.

Here. I’ll do it in two pictures. Xi and Putin are meeting. Hmmm. Which country do you think they’re plotting against? Meanwhile, in America. The White House has this going on. The cast of Led Lasso is in town to… Continue Reading →

Teen Girl Sues Doctors for “Transition” Surgeries at 13 Years Old.

Sue these maniacs into the Stone Age. The only way to stop this is by making it economically unwise. Bankrupt them. Because that’s what this is about. Hospitals are doing this because it’s a money maker. Keep suing them and… Continue Reading →

Has He Not Heard America is a Seething Pit of Racism, Oppression, and Despair?

A baseball player for the Cuban national team defected to the United States after losing to the US in Miami. It’s amazing people from all over the world keep coming to this country when we’re told this is a country… Continue Reading →

This National Champion Would Not Stop Talking About Jesus.

Good for this guy. Penn State University wrestler Aaron Brooks won his third straight 184 pound national title. When ESPN interviewed him immediately after the win, Brooks only had words of faith to spread. He even went out of his… Continue Reading →

Men! Is There Anything We Can’t Do?

Leigh Finke, a dude in a dress who looks exactly like a dude in a dress, is USA Today’s latest nominee for Women of the Year for the state of Minnesota. Man, if I were a woman in Minnesota I’d… Continue Reading →

Bishop Barron on how the Denial of Truth Leads to Violence and Tyranny

It starts with Oprah celebrating women speaking “their truth.” Why is this dangerous? Bishop Robert Barron has some thoughts. It’s funny how timeless Pilate’s question “What is truth?” actually is. It is the fundamental question of the struggle before us…. Continue Reading →

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