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The Things You Have to Believe Not to Believe in God.

I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist. I’ve gone into this subject before. One, you have to believe that something came from nothing. I have a hard time with that one. In the past, I also dealt with… Continue Reading →

Crowning of Mary at Mount St. Mary’s University Is Something to Behold.

I would’ve wondered how they did this. This is amazing Crowning of the statue of Mother Mary on the campus of Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland, marking the month of May, which is observed in the Catholic Church… Continue Reading →

School Administrator Distraught as Teens Respond to Pronoun Question with “My Pronouns are U-S-A.”

This is hilarious. The pushback was inevitable. I, for one, am glad to see there’s still some spine out there. I will say that the left doesn’t much appreciate being mocked and they only know one response. Crack down. And… Continue Reading →

Knights of Columbus Files Lawsuit Against Biden Admin for Blocking 60 Year Tradition

They hate you. Can they make it any more clear, you deplorable Christian nationalist Nazi?!!! Daily Caller: Members of a Knights of Columbus council in Petersburg, VA filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration Tuesday after being denied permission to… Continue Reading →

Are They Throwing Biden to the Wolves?

The first debate is June 27th with the Democrat convention not scheduled until August. So, I know many people are suspecting that the Dems are gonna’ pump ol’ Joe so full of sanity shots to make him seem at least… Continue Reading →

Health Centers INSIDE Seattle Public Schools to Offer Hormone Therapy.

I don’t care about your worldview. Stop injecting it into our children. Literally and metaphorically. This highlights the need for actually faithful Catholic schools. The Daily Wire: A healthcare organization that operates clinics inside Seattle public schools says it can… Continue Reading →

My Favorite MSNBC Headline…Ever!!!

This is what they’ve come to. This is your brain on Trump Derangement Syndrome. Something tells me that there will be even more insane headlines in the near future but this one is certainly worth having a laugh over.

School: Stop Calling Children “Boys” and “Girls.”

Insanity is the new normal. Somehow we know that babies aren’t human but we can’t know what a boy or girl is? Call me confused. Todd Starnes: Teachers in Saline, Michigan will no longer be allowed to use gendered language… Continue Reading →

Yeah, Let’s Do That.

Someone from the NIH finally admitted the US funded “gain of function” research in Wuhan. The Iranian President died. Russian forces are marching through Ukraine. Anti-semitic protests rage throughout our country. The murder rate is skyrocketing in several major cities…. Continue Reading →

Pope Francis Says Conservatives have a “Suicidal Attitude.”

Ugh. This is intentionally divisive. He is seeking to divide the Church. Pope Francis often does this. Instead of arguing a point he insults those with whom he doesn’t agree. NEW: Clip from #PopeFrancis intvw with @60Minutes– “A Conservative is… Continue Reading →

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