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Wait. What? Secretary of State Blinken Speaks Out Unironically Against Female Genital Mutiliation.

Is consistency even a value anymore? On International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation, the U.S. condemns the practice of female genital mutilation and cutting as a form of #GBV and a human rights abuse, rooted in gender… Continue Reading →

Disney Cartoon Features Characters Singing Song Demanding Reparations

Propaganda. Indoctrination. They are not entertaining or educating your children. They are twisting them with tales of envy, anger, racism, and greed. Disney is an enemy of the family. Here is Disney’s The Proud Family singing about how “slaves built… Continue Reading →

“Soul Surfer” Bethany Hamilton Stands up Against New Gender Rules in Surfing.

Legend. Bethany Hamilton doesn’t believe female surfers should be made to compete against male surfers. She says she will not compete in any World Surf League events if they go ahead and allow this. We all know her story about… Continue Reading →

‘I Feel Like I Am Leaving A Cult’: Mother Regrets Transitioning Her 4-Year-Old Son

These people, the adherents of gender transitioning, don’t think they’re doing the right thing. They BELIEVE it, which is much more powerful. Their belief can not be shaken with science, argument, or logic. In fact, it is a belief that… Continue Reading →

Amazing Story from a Priest Who Tells of a Deathbed Conversion from an Atheist.

This is quite wonderful. Fr. Cristino tells a story. The host Ken Yasinski does the hardest thing for a host to do – he shuts up. He realizes a beautiful story is being told and he allows it to be… Continue Reading →

Catholic School Student Suspended For Stating God Created Two Genders and They Shouldn’t Be in Other Washrooms.

Good for this young man to stand up. This Catholic school says they’re taking a “pastoral” approach to the trans issue, which means they’re turning their backs on Jesus in order to please their cultural elites. Epoch Times: Josh Alexander,… Continue Reading →

This Satanic Performance Brought to You by Pfizer.

I didn’t watch the Grammys but I saw this floating around and couldn’t help but share. This ode to Satan by a duo consisting of a non-binary performer and a trans performer is brought to you by Pfizer. I thought,… Continue Reading →

Black Father Takes Woke School Board to Church.

Wow. “We are failing black students in the name of diversity.” My man! — Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) February 3, 2023

Shia LaBeouf Says Crucifixes Have it All Wrong

Normally, when someone with some measure of fame becomes Catholic or even makes a step towards faith I acknowledge it but my instinct is to leave them alone. Just because it can be difficult and there can be misunderstandings along… Continue Reading →

Scientists To Bring Back…The Dodo Bird?

Wait. What? A billion-dollar company called Colossal Biosciences claims it’s getting pretty darn close to reviving the dodo, a flightless bird that has been extinct since the 17th century. The company claims to have decrypted the dodo’s entire genome. Why?… Continue Reading →

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