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Tell Me What You Love, Show Me What You Hate

People may tell you what they love but they will show you what they hate. Believe what they show you. Many will say they love freedom but if they don’t hate oppression and tyranny, they don’t truly love freedom. The… Continue Reading →

A Funny Snow Shoveling Story

Years ago, I had a neighbor who was a nice guy. I’m sure he’s still a nice guy. He’s just not my neighbor anymore. Our houses were right next to each other and we shared a driveway. So anyway, one… Continue Reading →

We Have Turned Our Backs

So imagine being the man who risked his life to take drone footage of the Chinese government tying up, blindfolding people, and forcing them into boxcars. He did it because he thought the world would react. He did it because… Continue Reading →

#restinpiss Trends as Leftists Celebrate Rush’s death.

I’m just taking these from the blue checkmark left. Weird that the people who constantly complained about Trump’s mean tweets would then get on Twitter and do this, huh? If Rush Limbaugh is so pro-life how come he’s dead— James… Continue Reading →

Biden Said the Scariest Thing about China

This is moral relativism at its scariest. This is the leader of the free world saying he won’t criticize China’s horrific treatment of its citizens because there are different cultural norms. So hey, the Irish like their whiskey and the… Continue Reading →

Sean Penn: The Vatican Should Impeach Evangelicals. Wait. What?

This is the most confused I’ve been since the last time Sean Penn said anything about…well, anything. So, in light of the fact that many evangelicals supported Trump, even through double impeachment attempts, actor Sean Penn was obviously displeased with… Continue Reading →

If Biden is Devout, You’re an Extremist

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, 71, recently told Catholic World Report that President Joe Biden “should stop defining himself as a devout Catholic, and acknowledge that his view on abortion is contrary to Catholic moral teaching.” I agree completely but Biden… Continue Reading →

NY Times Lied About Capitol Murder

Now that Trump has been acquitted, I suppose it is safer to admit that a principal driver of the sham impeachment, the murder of Officer Brian Sicknick by a fire extinguisher wielding Trump supporter, has and had no basis in… Continue Reading →

Two Amazingly Different Reactions to Lourdes from Two Famous Atheists

I feel no need to deconstruct things or examine the gears of the world. I’m not a science guy. I’m a man very comfortable with miracles. My kids in science class ask me why the magnet sticks to the refrigerator… Continue Reading →

Actress Warns of Intolerance Against Conservatives, Immediately Fired from The Mandalorian

Tolerance. Actress Gina  Carano of the Mandalorian  warned about intolerance of others with a different  political point of view. She was immediately fired.   The Wrap:  Gina Carano has been dropped from “The Mandalorian” after the actress posted comments Lucasfilm… Continue Reading →

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