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UK Bureaucrats Ban Word ‘Christmas’ for Fear It Will Offend Minorities

Wait. Minorities don’t celebrate Christmas? Oh. I see. They’re talking about Muslims but they don’t want to say Muslims because they fear having their heads torn off. Literally. But it gets even crazier when you see who’s criticizing this insanity…. Continue Reading →

Does Catholic Education Stand a Chance?

What can men do in the face of such reckless hate? Those hoping that Catholic schools can remain Catholic take fire from all sides. You get it from politicians, the media, judges, and sadly, even the Vatican. This case in… Continue Reading →

Save the Tofurkey!!!

I’ve pleaded for the rare and precious tofurkey in year’s past. But perhaps this time my pleas will be heard. Vegetarians around the planet were horrified to recently learn that the popular Thanksgiving dish for vegetarians called Tofurkey doesn’t actually… Continue Reading →

Beautiful! Kindness and Inclusion on Catholic’s Cheer squad

The Cathedral Catholic cheerleading team in San Diego is known to have a lot of pep but there’s one member who is the spirit of the squad. Definitely worth a watch.

HBO To Release Woke Adult Santa Cartoon if You Want a Santa with Cursing and Sex Jokes.

HBO Max is releasing a new original stop motion animated series that will attempt to fill your Christmas with cursing, sex jokes, and woke politics. Bet you can’t wait. Collider: Developed by Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, Santa Inc. is the perfect adult series… Continue Reading →

Disappointing. Catholic University of America Celebrates Painting of George Floyd as Jesus Christ.

This makes that inner feeling that “all is lost” gain some prominence. Daily Signal: Paintings depicting George Floyd as Jesus Christ hang in both The Catholic University of America’s campus ministry office and its law school, The Daily Signal has… Continue Reading →

Abp. Salvatore Cordileone Has Some Strong Words for Catholic School Students Who Walked Out on Pro-Life Assembly.

Archbishop Riordan High School in San Francisco, which is administered by the Society of Mary, hosted an all-school assembly Oct. 22 featuring pro-life speaker Megan Almon and a large majority of the students walked out in protest. Shortly after, Archbishop… Continue Reading →

NY Times Buries Waukesha Massacre Story on Page 22.

All the news that fits the narrative. All others get page 22. What they can’t spin they ignore. Democracy dies in darkness. Indeed. We’re also seeing this narrative form out of nothing that the driver may not have done this… Continue Reading →

Hate Begets Fear Begets Hate

The mainstream media’s constant propaganda along with the education system’s constant refrain about systemic racism and white guilt ends predictably with violence. Just yesterday, CNN ran this story: This sort of racial madness begets fears which begets hatred. This must… Continue Reading →

College Dems Eating Their Own in the Most Epic and Hilarious Way. DNC Runs!!!

Well, it’s official. Republicans on college campuses are so scarce that the College Democrats are now forced to resort to eating their own with deliciously outlandish accusations of Islamaphobia, anti-semitism and pretty much every awful slur they used to tag… Continue Reading →

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