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Hate Crimes on the Rise Against Catholics. Don’t Worry, They’re Only Catholics.

The Federalist reports that hate crimes vs. Catholics are on the rise but nobody seems particularly concerned. And hardly anybody is talking about. Well, that’s what we do here at CMR. We talk Christianity. We talk politics. All the things… Continue Reading →

Burger King Mocks Christians and Chick-Fil-A

Burger King recently launched the Ch’King sandwich and tweeted that the company will donate 40 cents to The Human Rights Campaign for every chicken sandwich sold in June — up to $250,000, or 625,000 sandwiches. In that tweet they added… Continue Reading →

Insane. Washington Offers Joints for Jabs

I didn’t realize that the movie “Idiocracy” was so prophetic. This is the last gasp, right? We can’t get any weirder, can we? KATU: “Washington state says licensed marijuana stores can offer free joints to promote coronavirus vaccine clinics. The… Continue Reading →

President’s Budget Replaces “Mother” with “Birthing People.”

Well it happened. The President of the United States introduced a budget that replaces the term “mother” with “birthing people” in reference to maternal health programs. Yes. They used the term “maternal” but not “women.” Try to figure that one… Continue Reading →

These People are Celebrated. Those are Shunned.

A little compare and contrast here. These people are celebrated by our culture. And these people are “othered” and shunned. These rather normal looking men and women once lived and identified as part of the LGBT community but are now… Continue Reading →

This Leaves Little Doubt that Fauci Lied to Congress.

So, it’s kinda like we’re nearing the end of the movie when the guy on the team who was in charge of defeating the threat turns out to be the villain who started it all. All that’s left is the… Continue Reading →

Beautiful Image of Sacred Heart of Jesus Carved Into Walls of Auschwitz by Prisoner with his Fingernails.

Wow. This is amazing. The Sisters of Life tell the story: “If you travel today to Auschwitz I, a World War II Nazi German concentration camp, you’ll discover that every prison cell has a story — a terrible and largely… Continue Reading →

On Radio Discussing Timely Topics with My Favorite Jesuit Fr. Robert McTeigue. Take a listen.

I returned to the great radio show Catholic Current and we got all apocalyptic and a little silly at times. Matt Archbold returns for Timely Topics Tuesday to discuss Patriotism, Family, Conspiracies, and Propaganda. Harris Blasted for ‘Long Weekend’ Tweet,… Continue Reading →

Is the CDC, Media, and Fauci Sudden Turnaround a Conspiracy?

Recent stunning admissions from the White House, the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the media concerning the origins of the Covid-19 virus have left many wondering why the sudden shift? For the past year, Dr. Fauci has publicly dismissed the… Continue Reading →

Love This Vid: Father and Daughter Destroy Critical Race Theory in One Minute

The kid is super cute and their message is exactly what is needed today. The fact that the little one mentions prayer is indicative of their perspective. HT Liberty Journal

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