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Marriage Made to Mean so Much, It’s Meaningless

If you want to strip of word of its meaning, you don’t remove or replace its meaning. You add meanings. You add so many meanings so as to make the word unintelligible and useless as a means to convey an… Continue Reading →

NY Times Review of Little Mermaid Complains There’s Not Enough “Kink” or “Carnality.”

Wait. What? Was he drunk when he wrote this? A movie reviewer for America’s newspaper for our “elites” complains that a children’s movie doesn’t have enough “Kink” or “Carnality?” The Gateway Pundit: “The new, live-action ‘The Little Mermaid’ is everything… Continue Reading →

28% of Canadians Favor Euthanasia of Poor and Homeless. What Could Go Wrong?

Canadians are just a tiny mustache away, amirite? A recent poll has revealed that while more than one-quarter of Canadians support expanding euthanasia for those who are poor or homeless, most oppose any further expansion or relaxing of Canada’s… Continue Reading →

The Lay of the Land

Just to be clear, you will get cancelled online for saying anything negative about the LGBT community. However, if you mock the Catholic faith you will be honored and applauded by the media and Major League baseball. Crap rolls downhill… Continue Reading →

Michael Knowles Debunks Famous Atheist Christopher Hitchens.

Worth a watch.

Jim Caviezel Blows Lid off Child Trafficking, Epstein Island, Hollywood in Bannon Interview.

Caviezel calls it an apocalyptic moment. His new movie “Sound of Freedom” is all about child trafficking. Looks like it’s worth watching.

Abortion! Is there nothing it can’t solve?

So, it seems the Biden Administration believes that they can no longer defend the country adequately unless the government pays to kill the unborn. I mean, how can the military kill the enemy if it can’t kill the unborn, amirite?… Continue Reading →

This is a Good Question.

You may not like the answer. It’s because it’s always been about the children. As Vladmir Lenin said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Death is the friend… Continue Reading →

Homeless Man Saves Family from Burning Building.

This is just a wonderful story. Too good not to share. Reminds me that most of us are still pretty normal. We just have to stop listening to these crazed elites with bullhorns constantly telling us we’re all at war… Continue Reading →

California Gov to Ban Skittles Because They May Damage Child’s Reproductive System. But Supports Castrating 5 Year Olds.

California is discussing banning Skittles because some additive that they put into it may harm the reproductive system of children. Look, I’m all for investigating all these “food” companies and exposing them for harming people and covering up the impact… Continue Reading →

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