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Congrats to Princess Jawline for His Surfing Championship?

Ryan Egan won the men’s title at the West Coast Surfing Championships in 2019. But now this man is the new “female” champion Lowerson in this year’s competition, according to MRC. Lowerson commented, “To be the first transgender woman competing… Continue Reading →

Pro-Aborts Have Fallen Oddly Silent. Why?

This is supposed to be the “Summer of Rage,” right? Pro-abortion advocates have called upon the forces of darkness to sweep rage across the country in the name of being able to have consequence free sex with people they don’t… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Whoopi Asks Archbishop Cordileone “How Dare You?”

This madwoman who recently returned to the air after some weird comments about Nazis and Jews, is now wading into safer waters. She’s blasting Catholics. Oh, that’s ok. You see this theological whiz understands Catholic teaching so well that she… Continue Reading →

“Summer of Rage” Pro-Aborts Funded by Canadian Bishops?

John Henry-Westen has the story. At this point, stories like this aren’t not so much shocking as just shake your head inducing.

When They Tell You Who They Are Believe Them

This tweet is from 2016. The rumors are true. They aren’t even trying to hide it. — Mythinformed MKE (@MythinformedMKE) May 23, 2022 To all their plans, I just have to ask what happens if I say no. It’s… Continue Reading →

You’re not responsible for stopping evil, you’re called to resist it.

You’re not responsible for stopping evil in your time. You are called to stand up to it. We are not judged by what our age does but by what we do. Taking on too much responsibility can be prideful and… Continue Reading →

Quick Question about Arming the Ukraine.

The US government is arming Ukrainians so they can fend off tyranny and remain free. At the same time the US government is seeking to disarm Americans. Hmm. Wonder what’s going on?

It’s all about priorities.

Kinda’ tells you all you need to know.

If Only Teachers Could Marry. Study Says at Least One Teacher Charged with Sex Crimes Per Day

The Blaze: “During a spirited rant against teachers who groom students last week, Joe Rogan claimed that educators are being arrested for sexually abusing students “every couple days.” According to a new analysis conducted by Fox News, Rogan’s alarming estimates… Continue Reading →

Horrifying Video of Little Girl at Playground When Gun Battle Breaks Out

This is scary. How can a society last that values human life so little? Maybe there’s enough hate and apathy to fill up every time and it just kind of makes itself evident by its targets. But it seems that… Continue Reading →

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