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Kamala: Bible Says to Vaxx

Because we all know that the Bible says we should obey our politicians and Big Pharma. You know, when I’m looking to interpret scripture I think Kamala, don’t you?

Awww. The Media is Worried For the Catholic Church.

The headline from Business Insider screams: “Catholic bishops’ effort to deny Biden communion risks alienating church members, a majority of whom support abortion rights.” Or, in other words, “Asshat news media risks alienating normal people with constant flow of slanted… Continue Reading →

Michael Matt Vid: Expelling the FSSP

I got an idea. Hey, you know how the Church is shrinking? Let’s go after the one area of the faith that’s growing!!! iFrame is not supported!

Young Christians Leaving the Faith vs. Young Catholics Attending the TLM

How many times have you see headlines like this one, “Why some younger evangelicals are leaving the faith.” Dozens? Hundreds? It’s the easiest religion story to write. It attacks all the right people and all you need is a few… Continue Reading →

Insane. Chicago Public School to Offer 5th Graders Birth Control

When Chicago Public Schools students head back to their schools next month, any school with kids in the 5th grade and up will offer birth control.— Chicago Sun-Times (@Suntimes) July 6, 2021 I get it. With a skyrocketing murder… Continue Reading →

Covid Cases Surging in Every State. Whose Fault is that?

This headline is everywhere today. The story is that cases are surging. Deaths are not. I pray it stays that way. But one underreported story is that many people who had the vaccine are getting sick with the virus. If… Continue Reading →

Cubans Raise Statue of the Virgin. Cry “Liberty!”

South of Havana, in Bejucal, the townspeople bring out la Virgen de la Caridad, the Patroness of Cuba, as the people shout, “Liberty! Liberty! Liberty.” Powerful image: South of Havana, in Bejucal, the townspeople bring out la Virgen de la… Continue Reading →

She Chose Life Over the Olympics.

Lindsay Flach, three-time Olympic trial heptathlete competed 18 weeks pregnant this year. She chose life over her own Olympic career. She joined Michael Knowles. It’s truly countercultural and inspiring.

Discovery that Led to Church Arsons Was a Hoax

So, in British Columbia there was a discovery that shook the entire country. There was a “discovery” of hundreds of graves of indigenous children found at a Catholic school. Horrible, right? The “discovery” set off a massive wave of venom… Continue Reading →

Well, That’s One Way to Fix A Catholic School

Heck, it might be the best way. Hit ’em in the pocketbook. Most Catholic schools don’t seem to care about actual Catholic teaching. Maybe they’ll care about money. Tampa Bay: At a fundraising gala in 2017, Anthony and Barbara Scarpo… Continue Reading →

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