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Son’s First Day of School. I Helped.

My son’s first day of school today. I asked him how he was feeling. “Anxious. Nervous. A little excited. But mostly I want to go back to bed,” he said. I said, “Not to bring you down but that’s pretty… Continue Reading →

Horror. 33 Christians Killed, Including 12 Children in Nigeria.

You will not hear about this in the mainstream media. You will not read about this in newspapers or magazines, even those which purport to cover global news. These were just Christians. The silence of the world may not be… Continue Reading →

CEO of Video Game Developer Out After Supporting Texas Abortion Law

The CEO of of a video game company called Tripwire has been given the boot after daring to support Texas’ new abortion law, according to news reports. OK. Technically, he resigned. But we all know what happened. Tripwire, the video… Continue Reading →

Christianity is White Supremacy?

So here’s the new tactic. Christianity is white supremacy. For years we’ve been told that Jesus wasn’t white. OK. So what? But now those same people keep telling us that Christianity is white supremacy. Huh? Want some proof? Sure. This… Continue Reading →

Fantastic Pro-Life Dr. Defends Texas Abortion Law in Face of Biased Interviewer.

You ever notice whenever a pro-lifer is interviewed in the media, they are forced to spend about 90 percent of the interview talking about rape and incest? This doctor, Calum Miller, remains poised and insightful while discussing the Texas law… Continue Reading →

The Most 21st Century Tweet EVER. What is a Simulated Pregnancy Anyway?

The left has been at war with pregnancy for decades. Well, they found a type of pregnancy they like. The fake kind.

Slouching Towards Tyranny.

This is how the new tyranny works. They don’t have to persecute everyone. It’s actually clever. Evil, sick, and twisted but clever. A great example is what happened to Catholic author Ryan Anderson who wrote “When Harry Became Sally.” Amazon… Continue Reading →

Bette Midler Announces Sex Strike Over Abortion Law

Furious over Texas’ abortion law, actress/singer Bette Midler announced a sex strike. I think every man in the country will willingly support her in this endeavor. Bette does understand that if all women engaged in a sex strike there’d be… Continue Reading →

Actual Headline: “Why Satanists may be the last hope to take down Texas’s abortion bill.”

That’s an actual headline from Fortune Magazine. Actually, is it any surprise that the media would view this issue in exactly this manner? Think about where we are. The media (and the left) view pro-lifers as such an enemy that… Continue Reading →

Maddow Tries to Dunk on Pro-Lifers. Posterizes Herself.

Rachel Maddow took to the airwaves with one of those impassioned talks she gives where she leans in solemnly and then acts as if she made a great point just because she raised her eyebrow while saying it. Here’s what… Continue Reading →

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