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Pennsylvania Priest Arrested. But Don’t Worry, It’s Just a Candy Crush Addiction.

Hey, let’s be honest. If I tell you that a priest got arrested and it had something to do with candy, your mind goes certain places you don’t want it to go. So when I learned that the priest in… Continue Reading →

Feds Mandate Time Off for Abortion

Counter this with recent news that the fertility rate in the U.S. has dropped to an all time low at 1.6. For those keeping score at home, the replacement rate is 2.1 children for every 2 people. We are now… Continue Reading →

Five Courageous Girls Stand up for Sanity.

While so many adults lay about on the sidelines like spineless jellyfish, these five girls are standing up for sanity and against a male competing against girls. One of the five middle schoolers who refused to compete against boy in… Continue Reading →

Joe Biden Makes the Sign of the Cross at an Abortion Rally.

Catholicism is a prop to Joe Biden. And here, it’s a punchline. This. Is. VILE! President Biden makes the Sign of the Cross at an abortion rally in Florida! You cannot be Catholic and support abortion! You cannot invoke GOD… Continue Reading →

Soooo…How’s the 21st century going?

Well, Jews are barred from entering Ivy League college campuses. And Dylan Mulvaney is invited to speak at a Catholic college. Soooo…not great.

Nazis Gonna’ Nazi.

Yale students block a Jewish student from entering the university. Group of Yale students form a human chain to BLOCK a Jewish student from entering the University. The chilling act of antisemitism echoes 1939, when Nazi’s blocked Jewish students from… Continue Reading →

New Ad by Newsom Shows Police Chasing Down Pregnant Women to Prevent Out of State Abortions.

Hey, in some other countries this young woman would be arrested for driving. So, there’s that. I do love how they give the cop a deep southern accent. This is straight up propaganda. No element of truth to it. But… Continue Reading →

The Isolation of Constant Communication

Don’t shut people out. Talking to others just makes you feel better. Sometimes God uses the people in your life to change your life so when you shut others out, you don’t hear what God is trying to tell you…. Continue Reading →

Teen Girls Refuse to Throw Shotput Against Male after Court Tosses Law Banning Boys from Competing in Girl’s Category.

What is going on? Are the children going to have to lead this charge while the adults all lay spineless on the sidelines? Good for these girls. Heroes. Every one of them. 🚨🚨FIVE middle school female athletes in West Virginia… Continue Reading →

What’s on The Mind of Matthew Archbold? A Weekly Project in Radio Perfection!!!

In which I solve all the world’s problems with a little (very little) help from my friends at Annunciation Radio.

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