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The 21st Century Just Keeps Getting More Confusing, Doesn’t It

I don’t even know who to root for in this mess? I will say these young women in these Ivy League schools are receiving the best education they never wanted -a harsh dose of reality. I’d hope at least one… Continue Reading →

Website Five Thirty Eight Asks Readers to Share Their Abortion Story…on Christmas Day. Pro-lifers Take Over!

What kind of insanity is this. On the day of Jesus’ birth, the website Five Thirty Eight decides to run some clickbait garbage on Twitter asking people to share their abortion story. Do you have an abortion story? We want… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Women’s Studies Professor Comes to Christ

Becket Cook is a Christian podcaster who came to Christ and left the homosexual lifestyle over a decade ago. Here, he’s interviewing a former lesbian gender studies professor who came to love Christ. Her story shows that nobody is beyond… Continue Reading →

Some Parenting Thoughts over Christmas Break

My two daughters came home from college and mentioned how great the house looked. Everything in its place. Everything was clean. That’s like the vikings wondering why all the pillaging and arson went away when they left. Having the kids… Continue Reading →

Monks Cut Ties with Catholic School for Hiring Same-Sex Married Coach

I despise how the school is still pretending that it will retain some measure of “Catholic identity.” This is a sham, of course. They will continue calling themselves something like “in the Benedictine Tradition.” And parents will keep sending their… Continue Reading →

Federal judge puts hold on Navy firing of SEALs who declined Covid vaccine for Religious Reasons

In theory, the military said there could be religious exemptions from the Covid mandate. However, in reality, zero of the exemptions are approved. So it was just a paper exemption. Thousands of exemptions were sought. Zero approved. Most buckled under… Continue Reading →

The Abortionist Who Brought Abortion to Mississippi Now Fights Against It

This is a story from WORLD, a Christian journalistic website. It’s quite good and interesting. I didn’t know anything about it. It really shows how Christ can move in our lives and have us doing a 180. MARY REICHARD, HOST:… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Wilton Gregory Tests Positive for Covid. See How It’s Reported.

The Hill reported today that “Washington archbishop whose archdiocese sued over pandemic restrictions tests positive for COVID-19.“ That headline seems to suggest that Cardinal Gregory was some sort of Covid denier or skeptic. This is far from the truth. In… Continue Reading →

Faulty Prenatal Testing Leads to Countless Abortions.

Whenever my wife got pregnant we were always pushed to do prenatal testing. We’d decline every time. But doctors never stopped asking, even urging. We told them it wouldn’t make any difference to us. Prenatal testing leads to countless abortions… Continue Reading →

This Looks Like Good News to Me. So Why Should We Be Scared?

Cases skyrocketing. Deaths dropping. You’d think this might be worth some optimism. But no. Instead, we get politics. WaPo: As Florida shatters its record for new coronavirus cases, Democrats ask, ‘Where is Ron DeSantis?’ We also get more fear. This… Continue Reading →

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