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Christian School Banned From Sporting Events For Refusing to Play Their Girls Against A Dude.

Who’s the grownup here? Who are the sane people here? The people who made the decision to protect their young girls from playing against a male or the people who banned the school from all sporting events? Who are the… Continue Reading →

This Is What a Mother Looks Like After an Abortion

Horror. Grief. Tears. The culture sells them on this and then forbids their grief.

An Anglican Priest Becomes Catholic. And His Wife Too.

This is wonderful. I love conversion stories. These two are great. The Cordial Catholic is “joined by former Anglican priest and Catholic convert John Bacon to talk about his conversion story – and it’s an incredible one! Ordained a priest… Continue Reading →

The Man Who Held the Camera on Mother Angelica Wrote a Book about Lessons He Learned from Her at EWTN.

Every Thursday morning I do a regular spot on a radio show with David Vacharesse and Ron Finn. It’s a great Catholic radio station in Ohio. I enjoy doing it because it’s just a group of Catholics having a great… Continue Reading →

NBC’s Chuck Todd Shocked Ron DeSantis Wants to Teach Children the Evils of Communism.

Might this take time away from children learning how to dress up as the opposite gender? NBC's Chuck Todd accused DeSantis of playing politics when he told an audience in Vegas that every November 10th, Florida schools teach kids about… Continue Reading →

House Votes Unanimously to Declassify All Documents About COVID-19 Origins. Biden Unclear If He’ll Sign.

The House voted unanimously to order the declassification of intelligence about the origins of COVID-19 in China. It had previously passed the Senate so now the bill lands on the desk of President Joe Biden. What will he do? The… Continue Reading →

Who Killed the Catholic University?

James F. Keating, an associate professor of theology at Providence College, wrote a wonderful piece at First Things that is worth a read. As you likely know, I worked with The Cardinal Newman Society for many years and believe their… Continue Reading →

Jane Fonda Suggests Murdering Pro-Lifers on The View.

It actually makes perfect sense. Those who are willing to kill unborn human beings for their own convenience would be willing to kill born human beings for their convenience. She’s saying that those who stand against killing should be killed…. Continue Reading →

Today Is ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day’ — St. Dominic Savio, Pray For Us

In the Church, today is the feast of St. Dominic Savio. For the secular world, it is “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” Recognize this day however it seems most appropriate. The Abortion Access Front is choosing to celebrate abortionists with a… Continue Reading →

‘YOU’RE TICKING OFF JESUS! Senator Warns Christophobic School District

Make no mistake. Our elites despise Christ and Christians. But I think Christ might like this Arizona state senator. Todd Starnes: Arizona State Sen. Anthony Kern warned a school district that banned student-teachers from a Christian university that they were… Continue Reading →

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