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A Munsters Reboot Might be the Most Horrific Thing These Eyes Have Seen

I am always on the lookout for signs of the apocalypse. This is surely one. Comedy is difficult, I get it. But this looks…so awful. It has all the production value of a Power Rangers episode, the acting of a… Continue Reading →

The Broken Universe

Science, good science needs many fewer mathematicians and many more engineers who care to see how things actually work before falling in love with a formula. Great advances in engineering drive our advancement. Things work or they don’t. People ask… Continue Reading →

Pick Which One You’d Rather Have as Your Neighbor.

Which world would you rather live in? Which one would you want your daughter to hang out with or your son to date? Hmmmm…. The Daily Wire reports what happened between these two: A pro-life teen volunteer was physically assaulted… Continue Reading →

Justice Department Sues Idaho over Abortion Ban

Here they come. The left has been complaining that the Biden administration hasn’t done enough to defend abortion so now, the Biden Administration, in an attempt to be seen as doing something to defend abortion they’ve sent the Department of… Continue Reading →

Sad. Kansas Voters Reject Removing ‘Right’ to Abortion From State Constitution

This is what we’ve worked so hard for, to get the political issue of abortion into the states. But this is a fail. Kansas rejected this pro-life amendment. Big Abortion poured money in from out of state to defeat this… Continue Reading →

Fr. Thomas Reese’s Outraged Over Pope Francis is Hilarious

Fr. Thomas Reese SJ wrote a piece at Religion News Service in which he was gobsmacked that Pope Francis didn’t know about a papal document from the 15th century. Reese wrote: Pope Francis’ six-day pastoral visit to Canada was a… Continue Reading →

Woman Who Had Abortion Now Coordinates Sidewalk Advocates for Life.

Linda Fernandez, who had an abortion, is a coordinator for Sidewalk Advocates For Life, a Catholic ministry that offers abortion alternatives while standing outside of women’s health clinics that offer abortion as one of their services. A tragic yet beautiful… Continue Reading →

Klavan on Critical Dishonesty Theory. Pretty Funny. And True.

The fact that the Republican Party hasn’t really picked up on attacking what our children are being taught in schools tells you how deep we are in it. There are noted examples but the party itself hasn’t followed the lead… Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry! San Francisco’s Annual “Up Your Alley Leather and Fetish Fair” is ON Despite Growing MonkeyPox Concerns.

You can cancel Christmas and Easter. You can cancel your children’s schooling. You can be barred from seeing grandma in the hospital. But no, you can not cancel the repulsively named annual “Up Your Alley Leather and Fetish Fair” in… Continue Reading →

Did Pope Francis Calls Traditional Catholicism a Sin?

Pope Francis spoke on a plane. You know what that means. It means some crazy stuff got said. It doesn’t matter what this pope gets asked, he always brings it around to his belief that traditional Catholics are holding us… Continue Reading →

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