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Chick-Fil-A Worker Saves Mom and Baby from Carjacking. Kinda’ Awesome.

Let’s hope when he was all done taking down the guy, he said, “My pleasure.” Because that would make it extra cool. Like an 80’s movie. A Chick-fil-A employee in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, sprang into action to help a… Continue Reading →

Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono issues ‘literally a call to arms’ against pro-life movement

Wow. That seems a little irresponsible. Hey, I seem to remember Sarah Palin being accused of violence because she put crosshairs over a congressional district. This was “literally a call to arms” against pro-lifers in a time when crisis pregnancy… Continue Reading →

Sen. Rand Paul Accuses Fauci of Not Following the Science. Uses His Own Words Against Him

Rand Paul has been a voice of sanity throughout the past three years. Fauci has been a voice of tyranny. Definitely worth the watch: In today's hearing, I showed a video of Dr. Fauci claiming natural immunity is "The most… Continue Reading →

Satan’s Youth Ministry Wants Your Kids

Public schools have been taken over. There’s no doubt about it. Libs of Tik Tok has done an incredible job of exposing how radical our public schools have become. And locking children in their home during Covid where parents finally… Continue Reading →

Lila Rose Destroys Dr. Phil on When Life Begins

To be honest, I hate all the videos where this guy “destroys” or “Pwns” their debate opponent. But there’s no other way to describe what happens here. Dr. Phil seems brain damaged. I’m serious. He knows that what Lila Rose… Continue Reading →

Democrat Politician Compares Himself to Christ and Governor Ron DeSantis to Satan.

I love how Charlie Christ talks about the importance of being kind to everyone and then proceeds to call the Republican governor “DeSatan.” But the cringe factor doesn’t stop there. He then compares himself to Christ. I’m not kidding. Wait… Continue Reading →

What In Hell Did I Just See?

Oh my. 90 percent of kids would flee in horror from this demonic looking creature but this is who NYC thinks should be interacting with your children. If you’re sane and living in NYC, run now. This is nightmare fuel… Continue Reading →

Pediatrician Promotes Puberty Blockers on Tik-Tok. How Cool is She?

The awful content of these social media sites are pouring into so many children’s lives unfiltered. And if you’re not talking to these kids about the world, they’ll just think what they’re seeing is normal and true. Pediatrician promotes puberty… Continue Reading →

God Created Them Man and Woman. But 1 in 4 Jesuit Catholic universities cover ‘gender-affirming treatment’

Hey, to me only one out of every four Jesuit universities covering “gender affirming treatment” is good news. What’s going on with the others? C’mon guys, gotta’ step up your heresy game. That means three out of four Jesuit universities… Continue Reading →

Radical German Bishops Lose Vote to Change Catholic Teaching on Sex and Gender. Pledge to Take it to Rome Anyway.

Sore losers. Oh, you thought they’d play by the rules. Nope. The German bishops put forth a document that would radically alter Church teaching on gender and sexuality. This is truly a radical document that would negate ALL of the… Continue Reading →

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