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Eric Metaxas on the Discovery of Sodom and the Death of Atheism

One of my favorite Christian YouTubers Becket Cook interviews the author Eric Metaxas on his new book “Is Atheism Dead?” They discuss the finding of Sodom, The Big Bang, and Einstein’s “Fudge Factor.” Definitely worth a watch.

NSFW!!! Stunning, Horrifying Interviews with Pro-Abortion Protesters

Wow. That’s the only word that comes to mind other than satanic, horrifying, evil, or nazi-esque. In interviews with The Federalist, pro-abortion protesters in Downtown Los Angeles admitted that they have no interest in whether or not a fetus is… Continue Reading →

Hahahah!!! German Parking Garage Unveils Dedicated Spaces For LGBTQ And Migrant Drivers

You think I’m kidding, right? Nope. Nation and State reports: Today in “our obsession with inclusiveness is once again leading us back to segregating people” news, a car park in Germany is unveiling dedicated parking spaces for LGBTQ and migrant… Continue Reading →

Jennifer Aniston Says “No Uterus, No Opinion on Abortion.” Adam Baldwin Responds Perfectly.

Um, isn’t this a little discriminatory against trans “women” without uteruses? The actor Adam Baldwin, one of my favorites, had a good comeback. Extrapolating this logic: “No combat experience, No opinion on war.” — Adam Baldwin (@AdamBaldwin) October 5, 2021… Continue Reading →

Lord of the Rings Orc Made to Resemble Harvey Weinstein

A villain made to look like a villain. I get it. SlashFilm: “Now this is the kind of pettiness I can get behind. Somewhere in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, there’s apparently an Orc whose face bears a very… Continue Reading →

I was with you right up until you mentioned tentacles

Some random anti-Catholic tentacle fun for a Wednesday. WMUR reports that this big shot Republican type is in some hot water because he lobbed some vitriolic vaccine theories along with some “anti-Catholic” sentiments. Gee, I’ve never heard of people getting… Continue Reading →

Women pretending to be men ‘unknowingly admitted’ to Catholic seminaries: Bishops’ committee

I’m writing this because it was written about in the National Catholic Reporter. I do not typically read the Reporter. I do not trust the Reporter. I will not link to it either because I don’t link to asshat clown… Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifers Encounter Violence from People Who Want to Kill Babies at Women’s March.

Students for Life of America organized counter-protests at 24 of the 50 Women’s Marches that spanned the country, after being uninvited for not supporting abortion. Kudos to them but please be careful. One can hardly expect restraint from those who… Continue Reading →

Why Playboy’s Gender Bending Cover Should Worry Christians

Gay Filipino social media influencer Bretman Rock, 23, is on the cover of Playboy’s 2021 digital issue “dressed as a Playboy bunny, wearing bustier-style lingerie, towering platform-style heels, black bunny ears, a bowtie, and a cottony white tail,” according to… Continue Reading →

Fauci Looking to Steal Christmas Again!!!

These people are obsessed with stopping families from celebrating Christmas. It’s not even Halloween yet and Fauci is already rubbing his hands together scheming to stop Christmas from coming. In an interview, Fauci responded, “Well, Margaret, I believe just the… Continue Reading →

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