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Month July 2007

My Favorite Priest

In early June, I wrote a piece entitled ‘A Good Priest” about Msgr. James McDonald. He is the rector of Immaculate Conception Seminary in Huntington LI in the diocese of Rockville Centre. In that piece I mentioned how he was… Continue Reading →

Nationwide Phenomenon of Priests Learning Latin

Good News from the Washington Times. Priests are turning up “in droves” to learn the Latin Mass. One priest calls it a “nationwide phenomenon.” The media has done a good job of ignoring the positive side of this story. All… Continue Reading →

The Chaos Theory

I don’t know what the rest of his papacy has in store, but I think the Pope Benedict XVI is already poised to regarded as one of the great ones. Not because of his Q score or for being a… Continue Reading →

Nuns In Jail

Here’s the best new reason yet to bring back Latin. Two nuns in India’s Mayurbhanj district were arrested on Saturday for allegedly making two non-Christian girls sing hymns in praise of Christ, according to the Christian Post. The arrests were… Continue Reading →

Birds on Birth Control

Eager to reduce the neighborhood pigeon population and the “mess” that comes with it, Hollywood residents appear ready to try a new birth control method on their wild birds. I hope the birds aren’t Catholic or they’re going to be… Continue Reading →

Today On CMR – July 30, 2007

New Catholic Charities Prez in Boston Fails to Inspire Me——Tiziana Dearing — Not very Catholic or Charitable? Cardinal Martini is Tilting at Windmills——The famously liberal Cardinal is taking a stand against the motu proprio! Is This Really the Solution?——Gay conjugal… Continue Reading →

New Catholic Charities Prez in Boston Fails to Inspire Me

Tiziana Dearing, who has been the executive director of Harvard’s Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, has been appointed to head Catholic Charities in Eastern Massachusetts. The fact that she’s from Harvard scares me right away. Oh and there’s this. She’s… Continue Reading →

Is This Really the Solution?

Mexico City’s prison system has begun allowing gay conjugal visits, bowing to a recommendation by the country’s National Human Rights Commission. That’s what we need. More man on man sex behind bars. Was there really a shortage of that before?… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Martini Tilting at Windmills

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini is tilting at windmills. What is this act of futility you ask? In response to the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, the famously liberal Cardinal has vocally refused to celebrate the ‘Latin Mass’? In his dramatic refusal,… Continue Reading →

Weekend on CMR July 28-29, 2007

Merry Ol’ England?——Gene Robinson ‘Outs’ The C of E. God Looks A Lot Like A Conservative Columnist, I Guess?——Williams not against the papacy, he just thinks he should be Pope. Summorum Pontificum: I May Have to Move to Virginia——After seeing… Continue Reading →

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