Tiziana Dearing, who has been the executive director of Harvard’s Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, has been appointed to head Catholic Charities in Eastern Massachusetts.

The fact that she’s from Harvard scares me right away. Oh and there’s this. She’s a Hillary Clinton loving, George W. Bush hating, self described “moderate” who describes Terri Schiavo supporters as fierce zealots.

Here’s two radio diaries she did for NPR.

The Ice Woman Cometh and A Mother’s Take on the “Culture of Life”

Here’s a quote from her critiquing one side of the Terri Schiavo issue, guess which one.

“One side has chosen fear mongering they seem to argue that life is so fragile…that it has to be defended with a fierceness a zealotry a kind of meanness that seems to give no credence to life’s robust nearly indestructible essence.”

Life’s indestructible essence. How come that worries me?

Anytime people talk about generalities when it comes to life, I get worried. Anytime someone talks about “Man” instead of a singular person, I get worried. This is just what Catholics in Boston need for a spiritual awakening.

Dearing said she feels called to “the social mission of the church” and the idea of “economic justice for all.” Great. Why am I worried?