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Month September 2018

Jesuits Pull Their Endorsement of Kavanaugh. Wait. What?

Shocking. America Magazine, published by the Jesuits of the U.S., pulled their endorsement of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. What’s shocking to me is that America Magazine endorsed him in the first place. Daily Caller: A national magazine published… Continue Reading →

Dear Middle Ages…

Dear Middle Ages, Hey how did that whole thing about witch allegations equaling guilt ever work out? Sincerely, The 21st century P.s. Asking for a friend. *subhead*A witch.*subhead*

The Uncool Dad and the Big Gulp Debacle

This is the worst “meet the teacher” night. Ever. Please check out my latest “uncool Dad” video. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Thanks. *subhead*Fun.*subhead*

Only One Way Out from Here

The Church in America is in crisis. The lowest of lows. But I believe it’s going to get worse. A lot, lot, lot, lot worse. We just had the Pennsylvania attorney general’s report show credible allegations of 300 priests abusing… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Abuse Crisis from some Rando Catholic in the Pew

The following was written from one of my non-blogging brothers who was moved to write his thoughts on the abuse crisis. Definitely worth a read: My brothers are Catholic bloggers: I am a struggling, practicing Catholic. Yet I feel that… Continue Reading →

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