The Church in America is in crisis. The lowest of lows. But I believe it’s going to get worse. A lot, lot, lot, lot worse.
We just had the Pennsylvania attorney general’s report show credible allegations of 300 priests abusing 1,000 minors. We’ve seen a cardinal credibly accused.

Now many other attorneys general in other states are preparing to undertake similar investigations, which will likely unearth horrors. And each state will come out with their own report and each report will be announced (gleefully in some corners) by the media. We are essentially looking at years of pain ahead for the Church as parish priests, bishops, and perhaps even cardinals are implicated in the coverup.

As painful as it will certainly be, I say, bring it on. Flannery O’ Connor once wrote that “The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” And the truth will be difficult. But I want it all out. And if the trail leads all the way back to the Vatican, so be it. It will be calamitous, embarrassing, and painful but in the end it is only the truth that shall set us free.
Purification is always painful.

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*subhead*The truth shall set us free.*subhead*