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Month July 2019

The Man Who Saved Two Popes

Archbishop Paul Casimir Marcinkus may have saved the lives of two popes. So why isn’t he famous? It’s because he’s infamous. That’s why. Archbishop Paul Casimir Marcinkus led an…interesting life. The fact that he likely saved the lives to two… Continue Reading →

As Long as it’s Our Back Alley

Yet another judge has overruled )temporarily so far) the will of the people and legislators. Because shutup. Las Vegas Sun: A federal judge blocked three new abortion restrictions from taking effect Wednesday in Arkansas, including a measure that opponents say… Continue Reading →

Trans Dude Shutters Small Businesses for Refusing to Wax His Junk

This guy is running around demanding that you wax his junk. And when they refuse, he’s freaking out, filing complaints, and driving them out of existence because tolerance. He’s done this dozens of times and many times these very small… Continue Reading →

Who are we Celebrating with Apollo 11?

We are marking the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing. I suppose anything that has occurred could be considered part of history and therefore “historic” but the term is typically saved for those moments that are worthy… Continue Reading →

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