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Month August 2011

Caption Contest for the New Superman!

1) Queer Eye for the Caped Guy 2) On a positive note, the new Superman movie will break box office records in San Francisco. 3) Chaz Bono said, “Duuuude.” 4) Did they get this from Freddie Mercury’s secret walk-in closet?… Continue Reading →

This, Kids, Is Why You Don’t Run With Scissors!

Yup. That’s an actual x-ray. And maybe the most disturbing thing I’ve ever put on the blog (except for that picture of Charlie Rangel sunbathing. I’m still really sorry about that.) But here’s what happened. An 86 year old man… Continue Reading →

Your Kids Are OK With This Child Killer, Right?

This just shows how little concern our culture has for children. A judge just said it’s all okey dokey if two kids live with a…child killer. Oh don’t freak out, she only killed the kids because she was stressed out… Continue Reading →

Atheist Brokeback Mountain Movie Bombs!

If an atheist movie falls at the box office, does it make a sound? Not in the media it doesn’t. But that’s why we’re here to point these things out. Remember the movie “The Ledge?” Well, of course you don’t…. Continue Reading →

Evil Judges Knee Deep In Baby’s Blood

Sickening. Federal judges, knee deep in baby’s blood, do all the dirty work that Planned Parenthood cannot do legislatively. Voters are thereby disenfranchised and babies are disemboweled. First, a federal judge has ordered that Kansas taxpayers continue to fund killing… Continue Reading →

Obama Wasn’t On The Bus

Wow. This is too awesomely awful and stupid to check. Remember those million dollar buses that President Obama used to tour Iowa the week before last? You might, he won’t. That is because he wasn’t actually on the bus. Pat… Continue Reading →

Virginia’s Abortion Regs Reveal Dishonesty

Michael New, writing at National Review Online, writes about the new proposed abortion-clinic regulations released by the Virginia Department of Health last week. Abortion advocates and their cohorts in the media have done all they can to paint the rules… Continue Reading →

I Thought This Was A Joke Until…

I was reading this article in the LA TImes about a group of “Catholics” who reject heliocentrism in favor of geocentrism because the Bible says so or something. I it was a joke until… First the lead in… A few… Continue Reading →

The Land Of Luther Is A Silly Place

That darn Pope is such a sourpuss because he does not jettison everything Catholics believe in some naive gesture of ecumenism toward an ecclesial community that probably won’t even be around in a hundred years. He will never be appointed… Continue Reading →

U.G.L.Y. You Ain’t Got No Alibi

Boy, in addition to being really stupid, the editorial staff at the NY Times must be really ugly as well if they print this nonsense. Writing in the Times, Daniel S. Hamermesh, a professor of economics at the University of… Continue Reading →

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