Michael New, writing at National Review Online, writes about the new proposed abortion-clinic regulations released by the Virginia Department of Health last week. Abortion advocates and their cohorts in the media have done all they can to paint the rules as arbitrary and unreasonable.

New makes the case that the regulations, which treat abortion clinics more like hospitals, are generally very reasonable.

They are emphasizing that the new rules could impose seemingly arbitrary regulations on room sizes and the number of available sinks. However, the mainstream media is failing to report that abortion clinics currently face regulations similar to those faced by cosmetic- and oral-surgery centers. In reality, abortion is more invasive and poses greater health risks than the procedures performed by these outpatient clinics. Furthermore, these new regulations include a number of commonsense rules, including requirements that a doctor stay on the premises until a woman is ready to be discharged, The new regulations also call for improved sanitary conditions and the presence of emergency equipment in cases of cardiac arrest.

New says, very rightly of course, that abortion supporters should support such reasonable regulation especially after the horrors of Kermit Gosnell and the general misconduct of Planned Parenthood regularly documented by Live Action, in the interest of women’s health. Fat chance. Abortion is all the matters, women be damned.