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Month April 2007

Christians and Kooks

I escaped from my home for a few hours to hit the local bookstore yesterday. I love picking up four or five books and sitting in understuffed chairs while sipping warm hot chocolate. I really do.I picked up a few… Continue Reading →

Noah and Al Gore: A Global Warming Drive-By

The Ordinary Ministers of the Media just cannot help themselves. It is the AP this time. There I was, minding my own business, innocently reading a nice story about a gentleman who built a replica of Noah’s Ark in Holland…. Continue Reading →

Pope Benedict XVI To Visit New York City

Jesus went to where the sinners and tax collectors were. If this story from CBS News is true, Pope Benedict is taking that to heart.

Cartoon Contemplatives

You gotta get ’em early, I guess. The Catholic Church in England and Wales is launching its own comic strip in order to attract teenagers into the priesthood.Fr Paul Embery, the Church’s Director of Vocations: “We realise that this kind… Continue Reading →

Motu Proprio Watch: Cinco de Mayo

As previously posted on this site, I have decided to hang my hat on the May 5th date for the release of the famed Motu Proprio ‘liberalizing’ the use of the 1962 Mass. This date, of course, is the feast… Continue Reading →

Catholic Tortured in Pakistan

On the eve of his wedding, Sattar Masih, 28, was attacked by an angry mob of Muslims who beat and tortured him for allegedly blaspheming against Muhammad. Police moved in only to arrest him, according to Asia News. In prison,… Continue Reading →

Still the One!

While we’re constantly told the Catholic Church is patriarchal, sexist, and outdated, the Catholic Church remained the largest Christian church in the U.S. in 2005 with a reported membership of 69,135,254, or nearly 42 percent of all Christian church membership,… Continue Reading →


Talk about taking it down to the wire. CWN is reporting Miss Xu Song of Taiwan was baptized this past Easter. What is the big deal you ask? Well, Miss Xu Song is 114 years old. Now, I have been… Continue Reading →

Archbishop Burke in his own words on Cardinal Glennon Benefit w/ Sheryl Crow

Nothing I write on this issue will be better than Archbishop Burke’s own words on YouTube. Click here to view Main Page.

Judas only got 30 pieces of silver. Jesuits got $8 million.

Peter denied Christ three times before the cock crowed and then he wept. St. Louis University, a Jesuit school, celebrated a legal victory last week that affirmed it is not controlled by the Catholic church or by its Catholic beliefs…. Continue Reading →

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