I escaped from my home for a few hours to hit the local bookstore yesterday. I love picking up four or five books and sitting in understuffed chairs while sipping warm hot chocolate. I really do.
I picked up a few books to read from the “Christian” section of the store which, oddly enough, is in the same aisle with “New Age” and “Spirituality.” So I’d sat down to read when I overheard two youngish women’s voices talking from the “New Age” section.
I overheard the one say, “The only thing I don’t like about this bookstore is they put the really cool books in the same aisle with this crap.”
My ears perked up.
“I know,” said the other. “It’s like you see someone come in and if they’re reading over here it’s like okay cool but if they start looking over here at this Christian stuff it’s like yecchcch.” (the actual sound was a little more phlegmy but you get the idea)
“I hate those kooks,” said the first one.
I must admit that I got a real kick out of two people standing in the section of ghosts, bigfoot and Nostradamus calling Christians kooks.
I never saw these young women but I wonder how many people share those thoughts. Then again, I don’t want to know.