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Month August 2012

Todd Akin Keeping It Close?

I wrote at the time that I thought that Akin should drop out and I understood why the RNC had to pulls funds lest they be forever linked to his dumb comments. But I also said, if he is going… Continue Reading →

Editors Note On Fr. Groeschel

We have received a few notes from people asking us why we have yet to comment on the Fr. Benedict Groeschel Interview at the Register. I thought I would write a short note to explain our thoughts and actions. Obviously,… Continue Reading →

Vid: Incredible Story of Mitt Making the Will for a Terminal 14 Year Old

*subhead*Something in my eye.*subhead* Did you see this last night? Wow.

Criticizing Cardinal Dolan So They Don’t Have To

So Cardinal Dolan prayed at the RNC last night and one can presume that we will hear something almost identical at the DNC when the Cardinal prays there  …. Cardinal Dolan did not choose to use the occasion of his… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Dolan’s Prayer

*subhead*Beautiful.*subhead* Thanks to Timothy Cardinal Dolan for this wonderful prayer at the end of the RNC Convention. I was a little nervous that people would go right on partying but they all seemed to calm down and pray with the… Continue Reading →

Liveblogging the Convention

*subhead*Put Your Blurb Here.*subhead*

UT Finds No Misconduct on Gay Parenting Study

*subhead*Put Your Blurb Here.*subhead* Remember that University of Texas faculty member who was savaged after reporting that children of gay parents have significantly more problems than children from traditional families. There were reports that this guy was a nut and… Continue Reading →

Mad World Of Barack Obama

This issue has deservedly come to the fore again and the SBA List Has a great new ad on the subject. For new readers of CMR in the last 4 years who many have not seen the video we made… Continue Reading →

An Unbelievable Breakthrough!

If all goes well, it is impossible to over-estimate how big a deal this is. Researchers in South Africa report that they have developed a single dose instant cure for malaria. Malaria is a disease that is estimated to kill… Continue Reading →

Catholic School Principal Affirms Marriage, Lunacy Ensues

*subhead*Mawwiage.*subhead* A principal of a Catholic school in New Zealand affirmed traditional marriage in the school newsletter. Lunacy, wretching, screaming, vomiting, and hair pulling rapidly ensued. Students created a Facebook page protesting the comments, a teacher has been fired for… Continue Reading →

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