We have received a few notes from people asking us why we have yet to comment on the Fr. Benedict Groeschel Interview at the Register. I thought I would write a short note to explain our thoughts and actions.

Obviously, what Father said was wrong on several levels and he has admitted as much. I believe that Father is a very good man who through a combination of his compassion for the souls of the men who have done these horrible things and the tendency of people his age to think out loud, said things that are not defensible and he has not tried to defend them. He made a mistake in words but I still believe that his heart is the right place.

An old man said something foolish and wrong that he sincerely regrets. In a just world, that should not destroy lives.

I also know that my colleagues at the Register feel horribly about the situation that has hurt both the victims of abuse and Father. The victims of abuse, my colleagues at the Register, and Father are all in my prayers.

I believe that saying anything beyond this at this point might only add fuel to the fire, bringing only heat and no light. So unless, something changes with this story, I don’t think we will be commenting further.

*subhead*Heat and light.*subhead*